Frenchy will do ANYTHING to break the curse in today’s comic strip

Frenchy is itching to break Davy's curse in today's comic strip!

Something tells me that Charmy knew Frenchy was holding poison ivy the entire time. On the other hand, Charmy is very protective when it comes to Frenchy. So, maybe he did not have a clue. Charmy sees Frenchy as the little sister he never had. The truth is…. he DOES have a younger sister. She was mentioned about 7 years ago during the episode featuring Charmy’s nephews Rusty, Dusty, and Crusty. Unfortunately, that story appears to be lost. I have searched my backups and I cannot find any comic strips that survived. I even searched by blog archives. Not sure how these strips vanished!!!!

RESEARCH! Before I began drawing this comic strip, I actually research Poison Ivy to insure the drawing was accurate. The research shows that I needed 5 leaves, so I figure Frenchy found a twig of poison ivy that happened to be missing a leaf. I love here expressions in panels 2 and 3! Frenchy proves yet again that she is an amazing actress!!!


I have written half of the first issue for Warrior Wench Wendy. Soon we will see Frenchy in her first solo project! I just hope it sells better than the last comic book I posted on ComiXology. I sold SIX downloads of Charmy’s Army Year One last month… bringing in just over $5. I spend $30 on Facebook ads so I lost $25. I was so disappointed in myself. I once again unrealistically built up my expectations. I know better after years of failing at comic cons in the early years of my show experience. It took my 5 years to build my amazing show followers. I have to do the same here in the digital world. This is a new audience. It will take years to make any money of note with my digital comics.

The slow start is not going to discourage me. I am working on an “all-original” story for Warrior Wench Wendy. This will actually be an ongoing saga. One story may end in an issue but another sub plot will be moving in the background. I want to build a product that demands multiple purchases. I need something to bring people back over and over again, building a fan base.

Time to turn off the computer and write!


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