Today’s Comic Strip – Davy needs to use Uber next time!

Davy needs to use Uber next time and learns the hard way in today's comic strip!
Davy needs to use Uber next time and learns the hard way in today’s comic strip!

Davy is still cursed in today’s comic strip! As I stated a few weeks ago, this story was written in February before all heck broke loose around the world. This story is an example of what cartoonists go through when prepping comic strips months in advance. The timing on this series of comic strips focusing on Davy’s bad luck is ill-timed. Garnering any sympathy for Davy’s bad luck is not going to happen because we ALL are experiencing some extremely bad luck.


I have written half of issue number one! The pace is a bit fast, I am probably going to need to do a little rewriting in order to slow the pace down. I want readers to sit on a page for a minute or two. I have always hated a comic book where you begin reading one minute and the next minute, you are finished reading the entire book. I want to engage my readers and give them their money’s worth.

Here is a preview of my work-in-progress for the intro….

Darkness fell upon the Kingdom like a copious flood,
While famine and disease brutally plagued us all.
The vile stench of poverty’s despair rotted humanity,
with restless nights echoing the disillusioned wrawl.

Beyond the Red Ridge, far north past the charted land,
Evil lurks with ill intentions of dominant hegemony.
An alien realm of total darkness, blanketed in iniquity,
Where all that exists and breathes is a fervent enemy.

Heroes prepare to fight blinding against the unknown.
Return is questionable, victory is a mere assumption.
The horror threatening our kingdom made its move,
and revenge is employed with a broken presumption.

Blood will gush as the incubus is heroically engaged,
And the mighty shall fall for sake of God and kingdom.
The greater good is the bigger picture for the righteous.
The demise of evil ’tis the decree of our judicial dictum.

That is NOT what you expected, right? This comic book will be so very different!


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