Davy’s Curse is Lifted in Today’s Strip – This is the Censored version

Davy's Curse is Lifted in Today's Strip - This is the Censored version


Newspapers are a bit tricky. You cannot refer to certain things like… drinking. Originally, Charmy and the gang hung out at the Candy Bar and drank beer. I was watching too many episodes of Family Guy I guess. I grew up in the era of Andy Cap back when comic strip characters were all drunks. These days, you cannot mention drinking in your comic strip or else you may get dropped from a paper or two. Since I am only in two papers, I cannot afford the risk. I would be out of work just to push a gag.

The original script had Davy saying, “I am hitting the Candy Bar. I’m ordering the most expensive drink on the menu.”

So now, with the above in mind, the punchline, “…at least his spirits are lifted” is MUCH funnier.


Eastern Rim Comic Con in Baytown has been cancelled. I have only had one comic con appearance this year and that was way back in February. I am using my free time to develop a few comic books for next year’s shows… if there are shows next year. The way I see things, Comic Cons are going to be a hard sell for artists like myself, pushing an original product.

I have only two shows left, later in the year. Even if they do move forward, I will not be taking part in artist’s alley unless this virus has magically vanished. My family and my Day Job are too near and dear to my heart to risk infection.

Plus, if you’ve been reading, I have had a TON of bad luck lately. Not worth the risk!!!!



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