Warrior Wench Wendy – The Comic Book

Frenchy gets here own solo series!

I have been writing and re-writing this epic tale over and over again for two years. Finally, I said, “enough is enough” and I deleted everything I wrote so far and started over. I came up with an amazing story that sounded too good to be true. I knew I had written the greatest story anyone has ever read. Then I did some research and discovered I had plagiarized the 2001 film A Knight’s Tale. At first I thought I could just tweak what I wrote. Then I saw the movie again and remembered that I hated the film. Afterwards, I realized I hated the story I wrote. So, I deleted that one too.

Then I decided it should be a musical. I spent six months writing songs and composing an awesome musical score. One song, “The Nights are Dragon Along” had Tony Award written all over it. I had to learn to play a ton of wind instruments in order to shape the composition to sound like what I was hearing in my head. Choreographing the big dance numbers was difficult since my characters have four arms. You have no idea how hard it is to coordinate poetic movement for an extra set of arms.

Then it hit me. There is no sound in a book and 99% of the population cannot read music.


My third attempt at writing Warrior Wench Wendy had failed. I deleted everything and burned all of the sheet music. I saved the choreography though because it makes for some great exercise. I seriously need to lose a little weight. Plus, I have a pretty big backyard. If I only had an extra set of arms, I would probably wouldn’t look so silly when I do the moves.

I won’t bore you any further, but twelve attempts later, I finally said, “enough is enough” and settled for this latest version. It has some of the better elements from each of the versions I wrote. That said, they do not come together well, nor make sense together, but I am tired of writing. Look, I am no writer. Heck, some say that I am no artist. One thing EVERYONE says about me is that I am one helluva perfectionist. So I deleted everything again.

I am now starting over. I have written half of issue one. I hope to complete this comic book my October. This will give you plenty of time to save up your money. When the comic book debuts in 2026, and you’ve saved a mere penny per day, you will be able to afford French;s very first solo comic book!

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2 thoughts on “Warrior Wench Wendy – The Comic Book

  1. Hahaha, Warrior Wench Wendy is certainly having quite the journey to her first solo comic book adventure, but I am certain it will be worth waiting for. No secret that if I had to name a favorite part of your strip, I’d say without hesitation: Warrior Wench Wendy!!! Look forward to purchasing my copy when next we meet at a Con, whenever that might be. Unfortunately, I think I missed seeing you completely in 2019 since I missed Comicpalooza for the 1st time in years, and I don’t recall you attending any of the other Cons I did make it to in Texas. And, of course, 2020 has been what it is; hopefully, things will get back to normal by sometime early next year, but it should give you plenty of time to get this 1st Warrior Wench Wendy issue wrapped up & ready for us to snatch up off your table!


    1. Hi Jason! I had a big schedule planned this year. I had 4 other shows that I never mentioned because of the pandemic outbreak. I had a show in Beaumont that I was super excited about, but never started promoting before it was cancelled.

      I will be at ComicPalooza in 2021 if all is cleared up. I know a lot of people who the virus hit hard… and I know of others who had super mild symptoms. I know my luck, I would be the one person who would be super sick. So scary!

      Hope to see ya next year. More than likely, WWW will be released digitally. Without shows, I cannot afford to print these and sit on them…. 🙂

      Later my friend!!!!


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