It is a Dog’s Life in Today’s Comic Strip

It is a dog's life in today's comic strip starting Warrior Wench Wendy.

Today we officially meet Tim. This is a preview of things to come in my upcoming comic book series for Frenchy and her Warrior Wench Wendy alter ego. I am so very happy with the comic book so far. The only issue is that this comic book is taking a long time to sketch out. I have some very detailed and complex bar scenes which I am working through. I want trhis comic book to be as good as I can possibly make it.

A Dog’s Life

It is odd how these comic strips line up with my real life. I prep and schedule these comic strips months in advance. In the past two weeks both of my dog’s have taken turns becoming very ill. They were both so sick that they had to stay in the doggy hospital for a few days. Caring for a pet is just like caring for a child. One becomes very attached to these domesticated animals.

The good news is that both of my babies are doing well now! Such a relief. My neighbor three houses down had the same issue last week with his dog. There must be a dog virues going about. I have had enough of viruses this year!


Today’s comic strip jumps a year or so into the Warrior Wench Wench Wendy timeline. At the beginning of her story, Dragons did not exist… or at least, they had not made their way into public record. Dragons would eventually make their way into our story as they wreak havoc upon the countryside, burning down villages and devouring livestock. Famine and desease would result from the invasion.

In am working on issue one of my Warrior Wench Wendy comic book. We will begin the series fighting an evil army of ogres who are threatening to take over the kingdom. I have plot twists and evil uprisings that will linger for years to come. I just need this first issue to be a massive success so I can hire assistance on all upcoming issues. I am so SLOW!!!! lolol…..


I will be previewing the first half of issue one on my website! As I pencil the pages in, I will upload a preview of each page from the first half of the issue. The second half will be available for sale once the issue is completed. I will warn you though that this story is not quite what you have seen from Charmy’s Army in the past. This is a little more serious at times. There are also a lot of “cartoon violence” and some sexy outfits. The will be no frontal nudity… but there may be a butt of two here and there. I find butts very funny.

Watch my website for the preview. It will be posted very soon!

Gotta get back to work. I never rest anymore….


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