Frenchy rips on Sarge in Today’s Comic Strip

Frenchy rips on Sarge in today's comic strip.
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You can cry about your problems… or you can do something about your problems. Or, as in my case this weekend, you can just accept the situation and move forward. For me, this weekend would have been the final stop on my Texas Comic Con Tour. I had a few other shows lined up, but they were all small shows. Bell County Comic Con would have been this weekend. Looking at the time as I type up this blog, it is nearly 6:00 on Sunday evening. I would be getting ready to take my display down and pack it in.

I love the city of Belton, Texas. I had planned on driving up super early on Friday so I could check out the town. Over the past two years, I have fell in love with the amazing restaurants and shops in this fun little town. I have not explored Temple yet and wanted to spend Friday exploring their neighboring city. Temple also has a very pretty historic district which I have not had time to explore.

In today’s comic strip, Frenchy rips Sarge in a defensive strike. Frenchy is the only one who seems to be able to get away with remarks like this. She does not always get away with such attitude as we saw earlier in the year… but she does get a little slack from sarge occasionally. Charmy would NEVER have any slack cut.

In life, you are not always going to have life always go your way. Look at me, I just celebrated Charmy’s tenth year. I had hoped to be in newspapers by year 5… It took 6. I had hoped to be syndicated by year 7… and I cannot get a syndicate to even respond to my submissions this year. You can cry about it, or you can just focus on the fans. I chose to focus on my fans and continue plugging away with gags and enticing stories.

The key is to remain hopeful and to stay happy. I have never been happier in my life right now. I urge you all to not dwell on issues like money or success. Once you do that, your dream is no longer a dream.



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