Davy’s Final Comic Strip Appearance

I am going to drop out of appearing in my comic strip. I had stated this a few years ago, only to return 9 months later. I fear my appearances are taking focus away from my characters. The other concern regards the fact that my appearances break that fourth wall, losing the fantasy I have worked so hard to establish.

Besides, having a monkey in the cast is confusing enough.

Now the scary fun begins. I have not written a comic strip since February. Back in February, during a layover in Chicago, I wrote enough strips to take me through September. I just knocked out September’s strips so I am script-less. I need to write new strips whenever I can find some free time. I used to write during my lunch hour at work, but since the pandemic I have no time for lunch… and I work several hours past 5:00 every day. I am taking some vacation days in the coming weeks and plan on using the time on my comic strip.

Cutting this week’s blog short. I am just so very busy. I pray everyone is doing well.


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