Frenchy performs a trick in today’s comic strip!

Frenchy performs a trick in today's comic strip.

Life is how you look at it. Sometimes you think you are on top, only to find out you are just a number. Today’s comic strip is deeper than the gag let’s on! Frenchy thinks see knows the answer, but in fact she has the perspective backwards. Such is life. For months I have had projects moving forward only to have unexpected diversions warp my perspective.

Frenchy returns today as The Great Fludini. I love this character, but I have struggled with ideas to expand her role in Charmy’s Army. Currently, her role is that of Lucy Van Pelt’s therapy booth in Peanuts. This is nothing more than a reoccurring gag. I love reoccurring gags because they give cartoonists a place to go when creativity is stalled.

I am working on October’s comic strips. For the first time ever, my offerings for October will not include any Halloween comic strips. I will offer a returning appearance of Gooser Dadburn, star of the upcoming comic book graphic novel True Twit starring Charmen Packy. The other three comic strips running in October will spotlight Blue. Blue is a character that I have not focused on during my newspaper run. During the web series, Blue was from and center in many of the internet exclusive comic strips. Blue will slowly become a more well-rounded character as I begin to move toward a Charmy’s Army script for an animated series.


I want to begin a new feature in my blogs… PANEL DISCUSSIONS – THE COMIC CON EXPERIENCE. Here, each week, I will take a question or two from my readers and incorporate the answers into this new addition to my blog posts!

Leave your question here….

Remember… follow your dreams… and enjoy the journey. Do not worry what other people think… or if anyone else even cares. Do what you do to make yourself happy. I lost sight of that key point over the past few months and the self-doubt destroyed me. This morning, I remembered that I need to do my cartoons to make one person happy, me. Now, I am enjoying this again. If I ever get syndicated and this becomes my real job, I will worry about silly stuff like fame and fortune. 🙂



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Cartoonist and Creator of the nationally distributed comic strip Charmy's Army. Davy is renowned in Artist's Alley for his amazing mash-ups using his characters portraying pop culture icons and figures.

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