Frenchy Stands on Her Head for a Trick

Frenchy stands on her head for a trick in today's comic strip.
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I sketched this strip out and Frenchy looked terrible! The proportions were out of whack. She looked so odd! How does anyone draw a person who is upside-down? Easy. After all the characters were sketched, including Frenchy, I simply turned the paper upside down and erased Frenchy… and then drew her again rightside-up with the other characters upside down. Now, Frenchy was so easy to draw!

Just like in life, sometimes you need to take a set back and look at your situation from a totally different perspective.

It is amazing what you can learn about life and how you can better yourself just from reading my comic strip Charmy’s Army. Just think if the world ready Charmy’s Army! Everyone would be more rational. People would look to others for their perspective before casting judgement based upon a one-sided view. Wars would end. Hate would dissipate. Fear would be banished… and the world would live as one. All we need is to get Charmy syndicated and the world will be a better place for everyone.


All is looking good!

I penciled in another page this week and it looks great! The project is moving slowly on purpose. With no comic cons scheduled until June of 2021, I have no means of which to sell my comic book. The extra time will also allow me to produce an incredible product with atr rivaling anything I have created before.

This week’s page introduces Val Sturm who will be Warrior Wench Wendy’s arch enemy in the first story arch. I have a total of three story arches planned. The first story arch will be known as The Dark Rage which will follow the war with the Dark Realm. The second story Arch will be known as Reign of Fire which will follow the invasion of dragons from across the sea. The third story arch is a secret. This will be a total surprise that will shock the fans of this series. The third series will remain under wraps until the third series debuts.


Once again, I have sent submissions to the syndicates. While following my dream, the toughest part is the submission process. I will put months into each submission. I will send them off to the syndicates and pray. I await a response and dream. I get all excited with so many possibilities floating in my head. After 6 months, I give up because I do not receive a response from the syndicates. This is totally anticipated and expected every year. The syndicates are full. They have no room for a new comic strip. The syndicates also receive hundreds of submissions every week. They cannot respond to submissions.

If I do ever get accepted by one of these syndicates, I would up my game even more! As it stands, I am dedicating every free second I can spare. The trick during syndication would be to focus on money-making opportunities. A syndicate can pair me with other creatives as well which could be a welcomed manner in which to speed up production on my comic book ideas. I have no issues splitting duties on my comic books so that I can get more books out to you guys.

More details coming soon! LIKE and SHARE my blog and SUPPORT MY DREAM.


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