This week’s comic strip is just NASTY!!!

Flimp is so gross in today's comic strip.
Flimp is so gross in today’s comic strip.

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This was a fun comic strip to write. I love silly little gags like this. I also love writing gags for Flimp the Chimp. This monkey’s presence makes no sense in this comic strip… or does it? He begs the readers to question two key observations. Are they seeing a teeny tiny monkey?Are the readers seeing gigantic ants? Well, we have seen Davy in the strips, so we know the ants are giant… Or is Davy microscopic?

I have been called worse.

Truth is, if you are digging that deep into my work, you are over thinking everything. Let me just put everyone’s minds at ease, The ants are really big…. human-sized. Warrior Wench Wendy will be fighting ogres and dragons. Gooser Dadburn will be riding horses. Over time, no one will give the reasoning a second thought.


The newspaper in Idaho paid up for a year in advance so I am on the hook again to bring you my amazing comic strip through September 2020! Yep. I am about to begin YEAR FOUR in Idaho. Here in Texas, I just hit year FOUR AND A HALF for my run in The Weekly Bulletin. I have been talking a lot on social media about creating a new comic strip. This new comic strip will NOT take time away from Charmy’s Army. Do not worry loyal fans. I am actually working harder than ever on my comic strip Charmy’s Army. The gang will be around for years to come.


So, how am I working harder on my comic strip Charmy’s Army? I am creating a graphic novel for Warrior Wench Wendy. This novel is set to be my masterpiece as I am going all out on the rough draft. I have bar scenes with hundreds of bottles and characters crowded around. I have a morbidly dark scene with the villain Val Sturm with dozens of heads on stakes. I plan to have plans to continue the details throughout the book. At the pace I am moving, this will take months. SEE A PREVIEW OF THE WORK IN PROGRESS HERE.


The biggest project I will be undertaking in October will be the development of a television series for Charmy’s Army. I am working on a mission statement for this project. I do not want to create a series just because it sounds fun. I need a reason for the show’s existence. There is a issue out there that needs to be filled and I have the perfect solution, Charmy’s Army. What is the missing void in cartoon land? I cannot divulge that information…. but soon… very soon… all will be revealed.

I am very excited about this television pitch. I have a lot of smaller characters who do not get much attention in the comic strip. An animated series will bring my entire vision to life. More interaction with the full cast will develop every character, including the ones you see all the time. Every character touches the main cast and will develop Charmy and Frenchy into the people they ultimately grow into. The other reason is money of course. I have to find a way to blow this up and a television deal would help my dream come to life.

As always, please share my post on social media! Love you all. May God Bless.


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