Frenchy is on the run today’s comic strip

Frenchy is on the run in today's comic strip.
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I love pushing the envelop with my comic strip. Sometimes I just wait for a publisher to call screaming at me for some of the gags I have created. This was one of them! I am not sure what was worse… the punchline… or Weavers knees. Man, Weaver needs to wear long jogging pants. His knees are pretty bad!

One element I really like in this comic strip is the sun that is floating in the sky. I purposely drew this object loosely to give it the feel that the day is extremely hot. The result is a sky that looks like the temperature is boiling hot. It is amazing how a little attention to detail can impact the feel of a scene in a comic strip.

Once again, today’s comic strip relates back to my life this week! This is getting scary. I wrote this months ago. I must be a psychic. This week we see Frenchy running until she is about to pass out. This week, I have been running at work until I was about to pass out. Work ramped up so much that I had to make a trip to Fort Worth and back on Wednesday for a project. This was all last second. I awoke at 3:30 am and drove nearly 5 hours to Forth Worth just to have the project delayed until 7:00 pm. I worked remotely until I left to drive home around 7:30. I was in bed sometime after 2:00 am.

I felt like Frenchy all day Thursday.

I peeked at next week’s comic strip. I think I may have nightmares tonight. I hope the coincidences stop after this week’s comic strip! I may need towrite more positive, happy strips for the rest of the year!


I have been picked up for ANOTHER year in Idaho! That means you are stuck reading Charmy for yet another year. This marks my fourth year running in Idaho’s World News! I am so lucky. It is nearly impossible to get into a newspaper now. Nearly all newspapers rely solely on syndicates for their comics and getting into a syndicate is harder than getting into a newspaper.

Please like and share my blog and help spread the word about Charmy’s Army. Thnk you for supporting my dream.


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