INKTOBER 2020 – DAY 2 – Frenchy as Han Solo

Frenchy French as Han Solo from Star Wars.
Frenchy French as Han Solo from Star Wars.


INKtober Day 2

Here is another commission for a supporter of mine on Patreon. Here is Frenchy French as Han Solo. Out of all the characters on Star Wars, my favorite has always been Han Solo. I always felt so sorry for him. The love of his life is madly in love with her own brother. How much worse could life be? No matter how bad my love life was growing up, I knew I could never hit rock bottom as hard as Han Solo crashed and burned.

I never saw the movie in the theater as a kid. We just did not go to movies. Times were different and movies were expensive. When we did go out to the movies, it was a special occasion. I recall only seeing a few movies in the theater. The first big movie was Smokey and the Bandit. Yes, I am THAT old. I can still remember sitting in the theater thinking that I will never be able to watch a movie on TV again. This was awesome!

Today’s drawing was a ton of fun. I believe I captured an amazing mashup of Frenchy with Harrison Ford. The pose is a classic image everyone has seen a million times, but I put my spin on it. I love doing mashups with may characters!


I am only drawing what I feel like drawing UNLESS someone wants to purchase a commission. If you wish to purchase a 2.5 x 3.5 inch sketch card, contact me at All commissions will be colored with Copic Markers and sent in a hard plastic protective sleeve.

I will be posting daily, so stay TOON’ed


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