INKTOBER 2020 – Day 3 – Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny - The Rootenist Tootenist Cowboy in Dese Here Partz.
Bugs Bunny – The Rootenist Tootenist Cowboy in Dese Here Partz.


INKtober Day 3!

I grew up on Bugs Bunny. The first character I made myself learn to draw was… Bugs Bunny. If you’ve ever tried to draw Bugs, you know that he is not the easiest character to draw. So there was 7 year old Davy scribbling away, one attempt after another. What was my reference? My only point of reference was the Bugs Bunny hour running from 4:00 to 5:00 pm. Drawing a moving subject matter is tough, especially when you are only seven years old.

I ended up being so good at drawing Bugs Bunny after months of sketching and practicing. After mastering Bugs Bunny, drawing all the other characters was easy. I moved on to draw Daffy next. I worked my way through the cast until the summer was over and Channel 39’s schedule changed. Bugs Bunny was gone and replaced by Tom and Jerry. I did not have any interest in drawing Tom and Jerry. I loved their show, but as characters they were flat. Boring. They did not translate into a comic book format as did Bugs Bunny.

Bugs Bunny was created for adults. I believe this is why their old cartoons were so intriguing. These short cartoons were created for the theaters. They were shown in matinees before the main feature. These shorts were competing with Laurel and Hardy shorts as well as Three Stooges shorts. They served as a warm up for the audience before the viewing of the feature film. As I explained yesterday, going to the movies was a treat back when I was a kid. When my parents were kids, movies were even more of a treat… more like a huge adventure. Back before my time, movie goers watched a cartoon and a short subject film before marveling at the feature film.

Bugs is smoking a cigarette in today’s INKtober drawing. This is taken from an actual scene from the episode “Bugs Bunny Rides Again”. Heck, Fred Flintstone starred in a Winston Cigarette commercial. Times were different back then and no one really believed cigarettes were dangerous. Cigarettes made you look cool. Whatever. I have never smoked and I will never smoke. I have seen what smoking did to some dear relatives.

Inktober is going to be fun this year!

I am only drawing what I feel like drawing UNLESS someone wants to purchase a commission. If you wish to purchase a 2.5 x 3.5 inch sketch card, contact me at All commissions will be colored with Copic Markers and sent in a hard plastic protective sleeve.

I will be posting daily, so stay TOON’ed


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