INKtober Day 7 – Duck Dodgers

INKtober Day 7 - Daffy Duck as Duck Dodgers by Cartoonist Davy Jones, creator of Charmy's Army.
INKtober Day 7 – Daffy Duck as Duck Dodgers by Cartoonist Davy Jones, creator of Charmy’s Army.


INKtober 2020 – Day 7 – Duck Dodgers

I spoke earlier about how the new generation of cartoons in the 90’s reshaped the industry. This lead to the rebirth of Duck Dodgers as a television series for three years in the year 2004. It was an amazing show which brought back Porky Pig alongside of Daffy Duck.

The series won multiple awards during it’s three season run. I tried looking up why production halted after the third year. I did not find any information on this online. I am sure it had to revolve around the high production costs. This was the reason for the fate of many great shows during the early 2000’s.

I believe it is time for ANOTHER resurgence for Duck Dodgers. Who else wants to see a movie based upon Daffy Duck’s heroic character? Maybe we should start a movement. #BringBackDuckDodgers

I remember as a kid that I could not draw Daffy Duck or Donald Duck to save my life. Those bills threw me off. The perspective for me was a huge issue. I spent a long summer drawing these ducks over and over again in a few notebooks until I perfected those crazy quackers. Back when I was a kid, there was not much to do during the summer vacation from school. We had only 5 channels on television which were full of grown up programs. We did not have video games. The internet was decades into the future. I drew a lot… and listened to my Beatles records all day long.

Cartoons were only on the air for a few hours each day. You kids are SO lucky today!!!

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