INKtober Day 13 – The Devil

Here is The Devil from one of the weirdest shows I have ever seen, Cow and Chicken. Original art by Davy Jones, creator of Charmy's Army
Here is The Devil from one of the weirdest shows I have ever seen, Cow and Chicken.


INKtober 2020 – The Devil from “Cow and Chicken”

Probably one of the strangest cartoon shows I have ever watched was “Cow and Chicken”. The antagonist was The Devil… a nude character who loved to show off his butt. The crazy this is that I never looked at this show of the naked devil as being disturbing. My kids thought the characters were extremely funny, so the show was on the top of our “watch list”. The Deil is the perfect choice for today’s INKtober 2020 entry!

The show ran for 3 years and produced 52 episodes. The series won three awards. As with many shows during the early Cartoon Network era, this show stopped production at the show’s peak of popularity. I have looked everywhere for details as to why the show stopped production, but I can find nothing.

Today is my oldest son’s birthday. Zachary is 24 years old. I can still see his expression on his three year old face as he laughed at The Devil shaking his butt. I really miss watching cartoons with my sons. This INKtober is bringing back so many memories. This is the first time I have really enjoyed INKtober. I have put no pressure on myself as I draw what I feel like drawing. So happy!

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