INKtober Day 15 – Cow!

INKtober 2020 - Day 15 - Cow from "Cow and Chicken". Original art by Davy Jones, creator of Charmy's Army.
INKtober 2020 – Day 15 – Cow


INKtober 2020 – Day 15 – Cow

I have made it to Day 15! This is so much easier this year. I am as good as half-way through with my daily doodles. Finding time is so tough. The day job is wearing me out as I climb the ladder there and take on new responsibilities and much more stress. I love this new level of responsibility. With my cartooning career crashing and burning, it is great to know I have an outlet for me to grow and succeed at something. The failure with my cartooning ambition has really had me down in the dumps. I hate failing at anything. I am so competitive.

Today, I complete my series of drawings from Cow and Chicken with Cow, the sister of Chicken.  She is usually viewed as exceedingly infantile and stupid, and is quickly prone to emotional outbursts, but she occasionally displays uncanny talents. Though she looks up to her older brother, Chicken, thinking that he is cool and usually lovingly addresses him as “Big Brother”, it has been shown many times that she would not hesitate to use blackmail to get Chicken to do what she wants, proving that she has all of the mischief and wit of a younger sister used to getting her way in all things, due to her status as the baby of the family.

Looking back, I cannot believe “Cow and Chicken” only ran so three years. The show was such a huge part of my television viewing with my two sons. This only proves how slowly life moved before all the stress sets in over the years at you day jobs. Back during that era, I had responsibilities, but they were not on such a high level as they are now. Weeks fly by like days now. I hope when I retire in twenty years that time slows back to the crawl experienced when my kids were toddlers.

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