INKtober Day 16 – The WB Frog

INKtober Day 16 - The WB Frog. Original art by Davy Jones, creator of Charmy's Army
INKtober Day 16 – The WB Frog.


INKtober 2020 – Day 16 – The WB Frog

For today’s INKtober 2020 drawing, I have chosen to draw the WB Frog. His actual name is Michigan J. Frog and he made his one shot appearance from the original film Merrie Melodies series in a short entitled “One Froggy Evening” in 1955. The short was inspired by a 1944 Cary Grant film entitled “Once Upon a Time”.

Michigan is a male frog who wears a top hat, carries a cane, sings like a vaudville performer. Michigan’s talent is discovered by a hapless man who has visions of profiting from it, but catches on too late that the frog will perform for him and him alone; in front of anyone else, Michigan is just a normal frog and thwarts his dreams of wealth. These old cartoons were always teaching lessons if you dug deep enough. This episode taught me that you cannot place greed over the bets interests of others.

Some forty years later, Warner Brothers released a short called “Another Froggy Evening”. The original should have remained a one-off release. There has been talk of making sequels to films like “Princess Bride” and “Forrest Gump”. Sequels for those two movies make no sense. Sometimes, you tell the perfect story and you must put a final ending to it. I really feel “One Froggy Evening” should have been a one-and-done.

So, for INKtober, I decided to draw the Michigan J. Frog… but I wanted to draw him as he should be seen. His charm has NOTHING to do with his dancing feet and amazing singing voice. To me, his charm is the deadpan, near lifeless look Michigan exposes when making a fool of the guy attempting to use him for his own personal greed. This is pure genius. No one else is drawing this angle, so I am setting myself apart.

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