INKtober Day 18 – Blossom

INKtober 2020 - Day 18 - Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls
INKtober 2020 – Day 18 – Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls


INKtober 2020 – Day 18 – Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls

Dark and eerie. That is how I see my version of the Powerpuff Girls. I would jump a few years into the future. Their “dad”, Professor Utonium, is now married to a brass, ex-call girl who is not very fond of our little heroes. Since the professor is now distracted by his jealous wife, a new character named Admiral Hardnox runs the operation. You can tell by his name that he is an ex-military leader who is very strict with the girls. You can guess how that will fly.

The rest of the show would remain relatively intact. The mayor is in his second term. All of the villains would return as well. I would add a few more villains of course so there is some new evil angles to explore. Fans would demand a good balance of new elements along with the return of fan-favorite elements.

Of course the main key that fans would demand is something I could not possible give them. The fans would demand the return of the original creators. It is happening now with two HUGE shows from the 1990’s. “Ren and Stimpy” and “The Animaniacs” are both being reworked with a new creative staff and fans are extremely upset… as are the original creators. We all saw what happened with Popeye last year where he was given a pipe that blew bubbles. The pipe was not the ONLY thing that blew…. so did the animated shorts.

I have heard rumblings that the “Ren and Stimpy” reboot may have been cancelled. This is partially due to the fan’s loud voices being heard. I also hear that the reboot was stinking and tanking. People talk a loud game. Who knows what the truth really is. I, for one, would love to see both shows return but only if they involve the original creators and animators to some degree. For the studios to not even reach out to them tells us that there are major changes afoot to these classics… Changes the creators would not be happy with.

So, long-story-short, I would love to put my spin on the Powerpuff Girls, but the current events would probably never allow such a project to take flight.


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