It’s a Blue Day in Today’s Comic Strip

It's a Blue Day in Today's Comic Strip

Taking Myself Less Seriously?

Last year, I had revealed that I was no longer clamoring for success. The more I desired to become a real cartoonist, the harder the disappointments were to manage emotionally. Once I had dropped the idea of ever seeing success again, I was happier than I had ever been for the past three years. The truth set me free. I did not have what it takes to be a real cartoonist. I could now just draw these comic strips for fun and enjoy my creative outlet.

A year later, I found myself back with the drive to succeed. I had lost all but two of the newspapers I was running in. I decided to reach out to about 50 newspapers. None were responding until a few weeks ago. The two that responded asked for samples and then they both when silent. I figured they were just busy. One finally came back to me last week with a short, “no thanks”. I have no idea if it was the price I was asking or if my strip is just terrible. I am too scared to ask!

The rejection hurt so badly. I forgot how rough it is to see your lifelong dream slip through your fingers. I spent last weekend soul-searching once again. After 30 years of sending concepts to the syndicate without responses, I believe I am finally done with seeking a life as a syndicated cartoonist. I gave it a great attempt and I am proud of the work I have created over the years.

So now I am settling back to being a hobbyist. I will continue to produce my weekly comic strip for the two newspapers Charmy’s Army runs in. I will never stop creating because I love hearing from my fans. I love touching their lives and making them happy. As a hobbyist, I can once again just draw for the fun of it.

The only issue is that I am a competitive beast,

So, screw that.

I am out to prove to the world that I am the next big cartoonist. Hobbyist? Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!! Oh my, that is NOT me. Yes, I did pout all of last weekend like a big baby… but I also plotted as I brewed. Charmy’s Army is a masterpiece unlike anything in syndication today. My huge following of readers prove that to be fact. I am no hobbyist. I am going to figure this out and turn this around.

So what am I going to do? The syndicates never respond to me. The newspapers are all using the syndicates for their services. How am I going to be a success and make money?

I have no idea.

What I do know is that I need to reach more people. I am a marketing genius and I have not used my true wits to promote and spread the word about Charmy’s Army. I need to grow my audience again. Comic Cons are a thing of the past in the wake of the pandemic and I have felt the impact. My fanbase grew like crazy with every show appearance. This year, my following growth has flatlined. I am going to begin a new surge of activity very soon beginning with a Facebook Live INKtober Update. Videos add believability to a product.

Logo, Label, website, facebook logo icon

Be sure to follow Facebook page for Charmy’s Army HERE to see my Facebook Live videos.

I will begin posting links to videos here once I get this project moving. I am extremely camera shy, so this will be a challenge! Wish me luck!!!


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4 thoughts on “It’s a Blue Day in Today’s Comic Strip

  1. It’s more obvious in the music biz where most talent goes unrecognized and unrewarded while much of what is financially successful is senseless drivel that gets manipulated and marketed to superstardom. I can say the same is true in corporate management and now, apparently, the same is true in cartooning so I wouldn’t sweat the petty stuff and love what you do bringing a smile to your fandom by whatever channel available. When you stop cracking yourself up then maybe it’s time for a new hobby but until then… well, it’s not then so bring it on for us now!!

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