Blue has Words to Live By in Today’s Comic Strip

Blue has Words to Live By in Today's Comic Strip
Blue has Words to Live By in Today’s Comic Strip

Blue Provides Words of Wisdom in Today’s Comic Strip

I live my Blue’s wise words. I have not posted any INKtober drawings in nearing a week because I have been “shuffling the deck”. My day job has become a huge consumer of my time. I work through lunch and put in about 10 hours every day. I am just exhausted when I get home. I ma so happy though because this just means I have job security. As I have revealed a few weeks ago to everyone, this cartooning “thing” is turning out to be just a little hobby. I cannot make a successful run with my silly drawings, so to have a day job who needs me as much as this company needs me is much like a warm blanket in the winter time.

I have planned on taking a few days off in October so I could get all of my INKtober drawings created in advance. I also had hoped to write 4 months of comic strips so I was ahead of the game leading into the Holidays. Unfortunately, I have had to work so once again INKtober is being rushed. It stunk not being able to take my vacation days but I love my day job and I love my co-workers. This cartooning dream is fun, but the chance of making anything out of this life-long dream is over and done. My day job is REALITY and I am very blessed to have such an amazing job.

Sometimes, you can’t pout about life dealing you a bad hand. You just have to grab the cards and reshuffle the deck.

The newly shuffled deck means I may be giving up on making a career out of cartooning, but I am not giving up on making my fans happy. I am going to continue making my comic strips for the two weekly newspapers. I may not follow through with the comic books because I just do not have any time to focus on these big projects. I also know that if I fail with the comic books as I have with the comic strips and syndication, that I will be completely devastated. Fear of losing is something I cannot handle right now. I have a few comic cons scheduled for late 2021, and they may be my exit from the con circuit. As much as I love making appearances at these shows, I no longer have the time to dedicate to them.

Unless a syndicate picks me up, there is just not winning with this hand. Time to reshuffle and deal a new hand.


I have enough drawings completed to catch myself back up. I will be scanning these later tonight and hope to find time to write some blogs soon. I want to reveal what I have in store, but the impact will be better served if I keep them a secret. I have been enjoying these drawings this year! Well, up until a week ago when the day job took away my days off. Now, I am killing myself again trying to create enough drawings to finish up the month. When you are drawing because “you have to draw”, it is not very fun.

The other issue with this INKtober has been to lack of support on Social Media. This has nothing to do with my supporters. I blame the algorithms in Facebook not allowing my posts to be seen. I can post asking people to post a GIF of their favorite movie and I have hundreds of comments and views. I post an image of a drawing and it reaches 5 people, returning absolutely no responses. Facebook knows when you have a post you would like boosted so people will see it and they purposely withhold your post from your audience like they are holding a hostage. Pay them off and that hostage goes free. The early, early days of Facebook was amazing. I reached THOUSANDS with my posts ten years ago and had hundreds of comments.

Time for Facebook to reshuffle THEIR deck for all of us struggling artists.

Sorry if I am sounding a bit depressing. I just need a day off, lolol……


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