INKtober Day 24 – Raven from the Teen Titans

INKtober 2020 - Day 24 - Raven from The Teen Titans
INKtober 2020 – Day 24 – Raven from The Teen Titans


INKtober 2020 – Day 24 – Raven from The Teen Titans

Raven rocks! She is so dark and spooky… but can also open up at times to reveal a big heart. You just cannot help but feel something special within her character. In my rendition of the Teen Titans, Raven would rarely hide her face with that hood and would be a person who struggles with connecting with others. Raven would be extremely shy, yet would push herself to fit in with the team. In my Teen Titans creation, Raven would be a reflection of my own childhood as I struggled with extreme shyness.

I would love to get my hands on creating a Teen Titan’s world. Let’s get real. I cannot even get a gig guest drawing for an Indy comic. As hard as I try, I am never going to be taken seriously unfortunately. That said, I am not giving up. I have a great story I am writing and sketching up for a licensed series. If I can get some time to work on it, I am hoping to have the story completed by the end of the month. I will reveal more on the last day of INKtober.

Raven is so popular in the Cosplay community. I added a sketch card of her to my merchandise and I also made a mini print card. I was shocked that they did not sell at all. As popular as Raven with the cosplay community, she just is not very marketable. I find that odd. I have talked with other artists who all have seen the same bad results with art depicting Raven. I don’t get it. I am sure it is because here character has not been presented properly in the past. It is time for the animated Teen Titans series to go back to a more serious approach.

I want to draw a total of nine Teen Titan characters. Let me know who else you want to see!


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