Gooser Dadburn’s Goose is Cooked in Today’s Comic Strip

Gooser Dadburn returns in today's comic strip which is set in the Old West.
Gooser Dadburn returns in today’s comic strip which is set in the Old West.

Gooser Dadburn Returns!

I love these one-off comic strips featuring Gooser Dadburn. I love adding a little variety to my stories. I also love drawing exploding cactus plants. My bucket list includes a trip to West Texas so I can stick a bunch of firecrackers in a cactus plant. You have to be very careful. Blowing up a cactus plant is very dangerous. It is like an exploding hand grenade… but instead of shards of metal flinging from the ignition source, you have sharp cactus needles being expelled. So dangerous! Be sure and use a very long fuse so you have enough time to get behind a sturdy sheet of Plexiglass located at least 50 yards away. I have put a lot of thought into this. Safety first.

I searched the internet for tips on blowing up cactus, but it appears this has never been attempted. I have a hard time believing no one has ever dreamed of blowing up a cactus plant. When other kids were wanting to blow up mailboxes, all I could think about was exploding cactus plants. Every Fourth of July and New Year’s I hear the popping of fireworks and envision cactus plants spewing in various directions as the pieces stab into nearby plants and cliffs.

In today’s comic strip, I present four panels with four completely different camera angles. More and more comic strips are using the same freaking shot, panel after panel… strips after strips. This look is so boring and stale. I love changing the scenes and building an impact from scene to scene. The fact I have to draw a different scene may slow the production down and make a ton of extra work, but it is worth it because I want to give my readers an experience. Plus, those other comic strips just look lazy.

If you are enjoying the comic strips with Gooser Dadburn, please let me know!

INKtober is completed!

I had a blast drawing INKtober for you all this year! I only drew two drawings of my comic strip character Frenchy because I wanted to focus on my skills at drawing other characters from animated television shows. I drew a few Bugs Bunny drawings which all turned out pretty good… as well as some really cool sets of characters from “Cow and Chicken”, “The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy”, and “The Powerpuff Girls”.

To see all of mu INKtober Drawings, start HERE and use the links below the drawings to navigate through the blog posts. ENJOY!


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