Warrior Wench Wendy Greets a Young Fan in Today’s Comic Strip

Warrior Wench Wendy Greets a Young Fan in Today's Comic Strip
Warrior Wench Wendy Greets a Young Fan in Today’s Comic Strip

Your Fans are EVERYTHING

I miss meeting fans of my comic strip during my comic con appearances. I had an appearance scheduled for this weekend in Beaumont, Texas. The show went on as scheduled, but it proceeded without me. I contacted the promoter weeks ago to let them know that I am too worried about the pandemic and had to pass. I work with a few high risk candidates at my day job and I cannot put them at risk. Earlier this week, I was also offered an appearance at another con for this weekend. I had to turn this one down as well. I have been so bummed all day about missing out on an opportunity to see my loyal fans.

The longer time stretches between my last appearance and the present, the more my confidence level falters. You guys are all amazing and you all fuel my passion for cartooning. It is looking like my next show will not be until May 2021. Hopefully, I can last that long without that amazing rush I get from meeting people who love my comic strip.

Today, Frenchy meets a fan in this week’s comic strip… or she thinks she does. Sometimes people admire others for reasons that do not matter in the grand scheme of things. On the reverse side of the coin, I have met some big cartoonists who I believed to be the greatest thing since sliced bread… only to discover they are huge jerks who are bothered to speak to you for more than 3 minutes. I met a pro wrestler recently who began plying with his phone as soon as I began talking. He never made eye contact or spoke with me. No names, but it was a major let down. I gave him an original drawing too.

Like Wendy, I am ready to talk to anyone who approaches me at these comic con appearances. I believe I miss seeing the smiling faces of the younger fans as they come back to see me year after year. Inspiring young talent is what makes these shows so worth my time and investment. I obviously do not make these appearances for the money. I have yet to turn a profit over a course of a year. I get a more valuable treasure from these shows than money. I left every show, over the past two years, with a feeling of confidence in my abilities and of pleasure in knowing I entertained the attendees. I miss your smiling faces!!!!

Enjoy his week’s comic strip. I hope to see you all again soon.


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