Blue Questions his Existence in Today’s Comic Strip

Blue questions his existence in today's comic strip.
Blue questions his existence in today’s comic strip.

Why are we here?

I was brought up to believe we are all here with a purpose. I still believe this to be true. My entire life, I swore God placed me upon this earth so that I could be a great cartoonist. Now at my age, I know that can never happen. Maybe my purpose is to show everyone that no matter how hard you believe and work on a dream, you will still fail and crash hard. lol…

To be honest, I have learned a great deal through my failure. God gives you talent not to bring you success and fame. This is a selfish acceptance of power. God gives you talent so that you can touch the lives of those close around you. He also Blesses us with our own, unique talents so that we can make ourselves happy. The biggest success in my life is my own happiness. I have been extremely Blessed because I am so very happy.

In today’s comic strip, I have featured Blue. I really want to build him and Turtle up in the comic strip as I begin development on an animated version of Charmy’s Army. Since I am failing miserably with newspaper placement this year, I am force to switch gears and try pitching an animated version. I have no contacts for this so I am probably running with scissors towards a dead-end alley… but I have to give this a shot. It may be my last shot… because… scissors. Maybe I will put the scissors down as I run this time.


I have a quick update on the Laurel and Hardy Comic Book! It is not going to happen. I have received word from the current holder for the licensed rights to comic book usage of Laurel and Hardy’s brand. They are not interested in taking outside submissions. I did not even get to show them what I was working on. The sad part about not getting any work in the comic book industry is the fact that you cannot get work unless you’ve done work before. You cannot do work if you cannot get work. So frustrating,

I really loved the story I had outlined. I had the story 40 percent written. It was really good in my mind. I am shelving it for now. I may rework it for Charmy’s Army at a later date. It would make a great episode for the animated series… should this series ever get picked up. Maybe I need an agent. I have been hearing from a lot of successful cartoonists lately, and they all use agents.


My Instagram account’s following has grown like crazy over the past 4 days. For two years, I have sat watching about six or seven additions per month. In the past 4 days I have seen over 400 new followers and they are real. I am getting a ton of comments and messages from people who are telling me how much they love Charmy’s Army. I must have been mentioned in a blog post somewhere. If so, THANKS blogger!

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