Frenchy and Flimp get Into It in today’s Comic Strip

Frenchy and Flimp have a heated exchange in today's comic strip.
Frenchy and Flimp have a heated exchange in today’s comic strip.

The Holidays are here!

I had so many plans for this Holiday Season. My wife and I have become huge fans of the Holiday Ice Sculptures in Galveston and across the country. We had planned on taking a bunch of days off in December so we could travel to all of the 4 displays. The holiday Ice Sculptures have all been cancelled this year. As disappointed as we are, we feel so blessed this Holiday season because we both have not missed a beat with our day jobs during the pandemic. We have also been healthy as has our family. With all that is going on, we are not going to complain about anything this year.

This brings me to my annual “Thanksgiving Thanks List”…

I am once again thankful for everyone’s support of my cartooning dream. Thank you all for liking and sharing my blogs and my social media posts. Without your support, I would have nothing. You are all the reason I continue running down a dimly lit road in the pitch of darkness. You are my light.

I am thankful for the humbling I have received this year which has kept me grounded and determined to work harder. None of my submissions to the syndicates received any responses. I submitted a bunch of pitches and concepts to publishers, all of which fell on deaf ears. In 2021, I will work harder and focuses even more on my dream. Grounding is good because it makes success taste so much sweeter when you receive a little.

I am thankful for my health and the health of my family. With the state of the work today, I count myself and my family very lucky. We have been extremely careful when we go out and about. We mask up and steer clear of everyone. We have also used a ton of hand sanitizer.


Today’s comic strip teaches another lesson. Arguments and insults are all as pointless as this comic strip. Arguments and insults will never solve anything. Always look at the good in your adversary and discuss your issues democratically. If not, you end up looking as silly as Frenchy and Flimp appear in this week’s comic strip.

Peace and Love…


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