The Troop gets Robbed in Today’s Comic Strip.

The gang gets robbed in today's comic strip!
The troop gets robbed in today’s comic strip!


I had a blast drawing this week’s comic strip. Every panel needed an impact, so every panel in drawn from a different perspective. Switching emotions around from player to player, panel after panel was key as well to making this a fun comic strip to create. Every panel needed to change up each emotion felt by each character. For a short strip, a lot is going on and changing in each panel. Ensuring each panel completely evolves and changes is crucial to ensuring the enjoyment of the reader.

One big change in today’s comic strip has to do with the color. Since the gang is not at the military base, I have Charmy wearing a colored shirt. I have traditionally left him in his military green shirt. Moving forward, I need to open the skits up and stage them away from the military base so we can have a larger depth for the playing field. I do not want to be looked at as a “Beetle Bailey” rip-off. My goal is to get syndicated by the end of 2021, so I need to expand my vision and rise up to this tough challenge.

I am going all in. I am working on January’s comic strips this weekend and I am upping my game. I am tweaking my style a bit. I am raising the bar on my style. The tweak is subtle, but you will see an improvement in January. I feel that I have one last shot at syndication, so I will be pushing myself like crazy to work harder than ever before. I have realized that newspapers are never going to pick up my comic strip or anyone else’s comic strip… well not enough papers for any one cartoonist to make a living. Syndication will be my salvation!


The loose draft for Charmy’s Army – The Animated Series was completed last week. I have six episodes currently planned for the official pitch. These episodes are ready to work up once I have finalized the flow and feel of the episodes. This is a project that I cannot rush as I will get one shot at this. The timing is perfect for a new, vibrant, insane animated series. I have heard so many people complaining about the latest reboots popping up everywhere. The fact so many people are looking for a return to the perfection of the animated series from the 1990’s is a sign that their is a massive audience for a great, NEW concept. Charmy’s Army fits that bill perfectly.

I just need a good team to support my efforts. I have a few people who will be contacted very soon for my team. Some already know who they are, and some will be alerted soon. Not one man can build a village. It takes an army to build a village. So, it will also take a village to build an ARMY. I am building a village of proven animators, writers and producers to back this project.

The year 2021 will be an amazing year. An army shall rise. Dreams will come true.

This will be SO cool!!!!


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