Words of Wisdom from Frenchy French

Frenchy offers sound advise in today's comic strip.
Frenchy offers sound advise in today’s comic strip.

Frenchy Sets Bob Straight

We would all love to make money just sitting on our bottoms. Most of us anyways. To be honest, I for one love the satisfaction of a good day’s work. I love taking on huge projects and seeing the events of the project evolve and see a successful conclusion. I love feeling like I have earned my keep. I am a workaholic. I never stop working. In the long run, Frenchy is correct. It does not pay to be a slacker.

Speaking of working like a madman, which is my lifestyle… I am cranking away on my draft for Charmy’s Army – The Animated Series. The characters are all getting a makeover on their personalities. I am going for a more zany approach to the top four characters. Charmy, Weaver, Frenchy, and Flimp the Chimp are going to be wilder and sillier than the manner they are presented in the comic strip. With the illustrated comic strip, the pace is slower because of the limitations of using only four panels and the use of a publication rate of one comic strip per week.

It has become clear that the best representation for my vision of Charmy’s Army is through animation. Multiple jokes can now be fired off like a machine gun. Each character can try and “one up” the other with gags. In twenty second, I can rattle off jokes that would require hundreds of comic strip panels. I can finally unleash every ounce of creativity and mesh the full scope of my talents with the stories that I cannot fully express within the limitations of four tiny panels in a newspaper comic strip.

The comic strip will continue to thrive as the animated series develops. In fact, the comic strip will always be my primary focus for years to come. I love creating these weekly comic strip. March will mark the fifth year Charmy has ran in newspapers. When I created this comic strip twelve years ago, I knew this cartoon was something special. When I added the monkey two years later, it was just a matter of years for success to hit home. Hopefully next year this success will finally arrive once the animated series sprouts wings.

More info to come!


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