Flimp gets NASTY in today’s comic strip!!!

Flimp gets NASTY in today's comic strip!!!

Year six begins!

Can you believe it? I am working on my next set of comic strips, marking my sixth year in the Weekly Bulletin in Brazoria County here in Texas. I am halfway through a full decade. This is the newspaper which began the legacy of Charmy, Weaver, Frenchy and Flimp the Chimp. As my comic strip continues to grow, my dreams grow larger. Newspapers are not going to cover the bills if a syndicate never picks me up, so I am now working on a concept for an animated series. I am not sure if I am writing these episodes because I actually believe I have a shot at a network, or if I am just doing this as a last ditch effort at achieving success.

I wrote for three hours the other night and managed to get about 4 minutes of usable antics. In total, I wrote about 20 minutes of dialogue and gags, but once the boring stuff was edited down, the action diminished to a much shorter length. At this rate, I should have my animation pitch prepared in about twenty years. I need to find more time to dedicate to writing!

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So, six year… How cool is that? I can knock out these comic strips so quickly now. The more you do anything, the better and quicker you become at the many steps. I am working on all sorts of additions and tweaks to the comic strip for the NEXT 5 years. Weaver is going to be the biggest change as we see his character become more zany. Currently Weaver is more of the straight man for Charmy, but in the animated series Weaver is just as wild and crazy as Charmy and it works so very well. I will be transferring this energy into the comic strip for a much needed punch.

I will be sharing glimpses at the new animated series when the opportunity is right and permits. Stay TOON’ed for all of the crazy upgrades. The gang will have a more polished look for animation. There will also be a few traits each character will have that will not be explored in the comic strip due to the limited structure of a printed comic strip. Believe, me… if this animated series gets a green light, you are all in for an awesome treat!


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