Frenchy is a HOT MESS in Today’s Comic Strip

Frenchy is a HOT MESS in today's comic strip.

Here’s another hot mess you’ve gotten me into

Well, no one will deny that Frenchy is a REAL hot mess. As I work up the animated series, Frenchy is evolving into a bit of a deliriously ditsy character. In the animated series, her misguided antics will jumpstart many of the outlandish adventures undertaken by our zany cast. In today’s comic strip, we see the beginning of a new chapter for Frenchy’s character in the newspaper comic strip. As the animated series evolves, so will the comic strip.

One visual change for Frenchy is her eyes. Her irises are larger and a bit crossed. This new look will also be adapted to the rest of the gang as well. The larger, crossed eyes will make the characters look a bit zanier. This will help elevate the jokes and provide a whimsical charm to the top four characters.

The big question people are asking is… How does the cast really feel about the possibility of jumping to animation. Flimp doesn’t mind on way or another. Of course. I had to explain to Flimp what amination is. Now he just sits in front of the television watching returns of Hong Kong Phooey. That monkey may be stupid, but he has great tastes in cartoons…. now that he knows what they are.

Since Weaver is becoming a lady’s man in the new series, he is happy. Weaver actually said he’d take a pay cut if needed. I may take him up on that. This will be a complete change for ol’ Weaver who was the hapless loser in my comic strip. More emphasis on the “hapless loser” will now focus on Turtle. This is a secret… I have not talked to Turtle about these plans. Please keep this information to yourself. I cannot afford to lose Turtle.

Charmy is good with the animated series. His role stays the same. The name of the show remains in his namesake too. If I changed the name of the show to anything other than Charmy’s Army, I am sure Charmy would have a fit. That said, if a huge network or streaming service puts out cash and requests a change to the series title, Charmy will have to deal with it. I have actually toyed around with a few options… like The Offend Ants. None have the marketing potential like Charmy’s Army.

This brings us to Frenchy. Is she happy with being the dingy, misinformed instigator of zany shenanigans? Oh, heck no. To be honest, she has always been a bit dimwitted in the past, but there will be more emphasis on this trait. The good news is that when Frenchy transforms into Warrior Wench Wendy, Frenchy’s persona transforms into a strong, brave, intelligent leader. She becomes the hero legions of young girl aspire to be. Frenchy’s transformation will provide proof to all who dream that nothing is impossible. Dreamers can dream and succeed. I explained to her that she is the anchor for our animated series.

Stay TOON’ed for more details on the animated series!!!


This week, I was awarded the monthly spotlight on the Facebook page for The National Cartoonists Society – Texas Branch! Check out the header on their site at and leave a comment to let this legendary group of cartoonists know how much you support my dream. Getting in good with this crew could launch my career.

I am merely an honorary member of the National Cartoonists Society. These chapters were set up so that amateur cartoonists could join the organization as “unofficial” members in support of the future of this amazing, legendary group. The branch I am associated with is the Texas Branch. My goal in the next few years is to become a real member of the National Cartoonists Society. I am going to submit paperwork in a few weeks, applying for real membership. The chance of being accepted is very slim, but I truly feel that I have a legitimate shot at full membership with my 5th anniversary of Charmy’s Army running in newspapers coming up in March.

I have dreamed of being a real member since I was twelve years old. If I am accepted, I will be good with that success being “as good as it ever gets”. That said, I truly believe success… REAL success… is finally on my radar.

Gotta get back to work! Later my friends.



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