The gang plays Comic Strip Poker in today’s strip

The gang plays Comic Strip Poker in today's strip

If my comic strip starred the Marx Brothers, this scene would depict how things would go down. I created this gag during one of my weekend walks. This episode sets up a few of the changes you will see in my comic strip. The biggest change is The Big War that is brewing overseas. I love the idea of having a dark element looming in the background. This edge gives me a lot of ground to work with as I develop my characters.

So, what happens next?

Sarge continues his statement as he leans over Frenchy… “…But some of you are holding us back!”

“Yahtzee!” screams Frenchy.

“Yahtzee?” questions Charmy. “We are playing poker”.

“Ow!” exclaims Frenchy as Flimp jabs his finger in her eye.

“Appa oopa eeky!” screams Flimp the Chimp.

“No!” corrects Frenchy. “He siad poker, as in the card game. No one told you to poke me!”

“Guys, I thought we were playing bridge” reveals Weaver.

Sarge is irate. “Do you guys have any idea as to why we are all here right now?”

“Eeky eeky ack!” screams Flimp the Chimp.

“Oh-ho ho no! You tell him where babies come from” Frenchy responds to Flimp.


And the story goes downhill from there.

Website Redesign is COMPLETED!

Be sure and surf around the website. I have worked very hard to make it look nicer and for it to navigate on phones smoother. There were a lot of older WordPress functions that I removed which were slowing down the load time. I also added some bios for Charmy, Weaver, Frenchy, and Flimp the Chimp. I am including the new menu in this blog post. Play around with the menu and let me know what you think!

Thanks for supporting my dream all of these years. Big things are on the horizon!!!!



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