Frenchy Reveals Her Crazy Dream in Today’s Comic Strip

Frenchy finally realizes just how crazy our comic strip really is.... It is so UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
Frenchy Reveals Her Crazy Dream in Today’s Comic Strip…


One of my mentors told me that I should never break that fourth wall. I must admit, I had my characters breaking that fourth wall in every comic strip and it was annoying… once I realized what I was doing. I listened and learned from my mentor and for nearly three years, I heeded those words of wisdom. Breaking the fourth wall and allowing your characters to peer right at the readers ruins the gag. It is as though the writer is laughing at his own gag.

So why did I break the fourth wall today? This gag begged me to, that is why I did what I did. The ENTIRE GAG is a breakdown of the fourth wall. Frenchy is, in a way, poking fun at the entire plot for her character in my comic strip. When she agrees that the dream is real, she exclaims, “Crazy. right?!?” There is no other reaction Weaver can take at that point but to stare out at the audience with a deadpan expression. This expression sells the gag and invites the reader to ponder deeper about the many facets and subplots within my comic strip.


My new blog feature is the “SO WHAT HAPPENS NEXT” segment where we explore what the characters do after the gag ends. As soon as Frenchy ends the gag, Charmy walks up as asks what’s up.

“Frenchy is telling me about a wild dream she had last night”, answers Weaver.

“And it came true!” reacts Frenchy.

Charmy’s eyes grow in astonishment. “Woah, Really?!? Do you think my dream from last nigh will come true?”, asks Charmy.

Up walks Flimp who yells “Oopa eeps duupo!” Flimp continues walking and exists scene as he finished yapping.

“Yeah, I also doubt you can land Kendall Jenner…”, confirms Frenchy.

Charmys corrects Frenchy and details his dream to the gang. “No, last night I dreamt that I was mistaken for a retired marshal in the old west by the name of Gooser Dadburn. Legend has it that Gooser was killed in a bar fight in a small cow town called Gun Barrel. There were rumors that his death was faked. I had an accident and scratched my eye, so I had to wear an eye patch….”

Frenchy gets all giddy. “You had to wear an eye patch because because you SCRATCH YOUR EYE?!? Oh my! Was it one of those hypo-anticonduit grains of sand? You know, the ones with the microscopic barnacles?”

Charmy is visibly angry. “I’ll have you know it stung like a shard of glass!”, yells Charmy as he continues describing his dream. “I rode a horse through the old west with a young girl as we chased down the killers of the young girl’s father. Every town we stopped in was chock-full of wanna-be gunslingers looking to make a name for themselves as the person who finally brought down the fastest gun in the west, Gooser Dadburn.”

“Wait!”, interrupts Frenchy. “How did they determine that Gooser was ‘the fastest gun in the west’? Was there a tournament or something? I mean, it must be hard to raise awareness by word of mouth. You challenge someone and then lose, you are not gonna go around telling everyone you were just beat by someone faster than you, right? You can’t go around telling everyone how fast you were. Who will back up your story, a dead man?”

“There is always a group of townspeople who witness the gunfight!”. Charmy insists.

Flimp walks through the scene again and slowing extends his arm in the air as he says “Eeka eeka do!” Flimp then continues walking out of the scene.

Frenchy laughs and says, “Yeah, it does sound like a handful of eyewitnesses to a murder.”

“This is how things were settled in the old west!” explains Charmy.

“Well I can honestly say that your dream is not coming true”, assures Weaver.

And then we cut to a scene change….


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Together, we can make the world smile! Thanks!


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