Weaver invests in Chump Change in today’s comic strip dedicated to the Bitcoin Phenomenon

Here is a little backstory on this comic strip. Weaver was scammed by a mysterious character named “Itzabad Deel”. This mysterious stranger had a large nose and spoke in a very fake accent that can only be described as a mix of Irish and Swedish. In other news, Charmy just purchased a very cool motorcycle. He paid for it cash-in-full.

Flash forward, and Frenchy responds to the last panel of today’s comic strip by saying Yeah, poor little old you, not pass me some chocolate!” She grabs on and wrestles with opening the wrapper. “I cannot open this freaking candy!” cries Frenchy.

Out of frustration, she bites down on the cany coin and screams, “Ouchhhhh!!!!!!” Frenchy then spits out a few teeth. Don’t worry, teeth from cartoon characters grow back almost immediately. You have watched Bugs Bunny cartoons before, right?

Anyway, it turns out one of the candy coins was a real, rare gold coin.

Charmy looks it up and realizes it is worth $30,000, so he vows to get it back….

…Enter Itzabad Deel. The stranger returns and pays Weaver back the $1,000… plus an extra $500 Weaver negotiated into the transaction.

The following day, Charmy and the gang go to a coin shop to sell the coin. Charmy thinks he has pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes.

“This is Fool’s Gold”, reveals the coin expert at the store. He continues by informing the gang that the coin is painted with gold enamel paint.

Weaver had actually figured everything out before seeing the gang in today’s comic strip. He slipped the coin in the jar as part of an elaborate plan devised to get his money back from Charmy.


For more comic strips and to see the rest of the website, Click HERE.



Published by fugcheese

Cartoonist and Creator of the nationally distributed comic strip Charmy's Army. Davy is renowned in Artist's Alley for his amazing mash-ups using his characters portraying pop culture icons and figures.

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