Frenchy is afraid of “change” in today’s comic strip

Success changes people. Change can be for the better. Lots of celebrities use their fame for charitable causes and community outreach. For most of these celebrities, these opportunities are also working as a self-promotional moment, but good does come out of the effort. Sometimes, celebrities use their status as platforms for their agendas. For me, it is hard to follow “agendas” from someone who is filthy rich and doesn’t know how to check the oil in their car… lol…. Celebrities just don’t feel like real people.

That is why I love the charitable endeavors of The National Cartoonists Society. These professional cartoonists draw with kids at hospitals across the world. This talented group of amazing artists never turn these events into a display for self-promoting or an opportunity to market their comic strips. These true heroes are out for the sole purpose of giving kids memories they will cherish forever.

I want to be a part of this organization! I am a member of the Texas Branch of the National Cartoonist Society, but that is a branch where anyone with $20 can be an annual member. My standing in The National Cartoonist Society is NOT official. I am nowhere near the qualification level to become a real member of this prestigious organization. It is all I can do to find time to create my weekly comic strips which now only run in two newspapers. My success peaked three years ago, unfortunately. I am going to continue working as hard as I can with the time I am afforded. Maybe one day a syndicate will actually pick up my comic strip and I will realize two childhood dreams. 1. Becoming Syndicated…. and… 2. Becoming a Full Member of the National Cartoonist Society.


I am pretty sure Weaver and Charmy would be grounded after fame hits. I am sure most of you believe fame would go to Charmy’s head, but I know for a fact that it would not. You have to remember, Charmy has seen huge success as a professional wrestler in Mexico. He never brags about his massive following in the wrestling community. Charmy never discusses his adventures as Gooser Dadburn either. In fact, no one even knows about his alter ego or the lives he has saved in the Old West.

Fame would completely change our other two stars. Flimp and Frenchy would both let fame go straight to their heads. As a matter of fact, the two’s competitive nature would propel each other into an abyss of self-exploitation and selfish greed. I am working all of this into another script for the animated series. I will be incorporating a story from my early webcomic series where Frenchy had a starring role in a commercial and fame went to her head. I should now have enough episodes in development to have a rich pitch for the animated series. I just need to find a way to get the pitch to the right people with the correct contacts and power in the industry.


Please share all of my posts and help support my dream. My momentum has crept to a crawl with the absence of comic con appearances. I have had to drop all of my SEO funding, resulting in a sharp decline in active readership. This dropped caused my ad share revenue to drop to about 3 cents per week. Sharing my posts is crucial. If you can spare a comment or two on my social media posts, those words will help my posts stage higher in everyone’s newsfeeds and increase the post’s social reach. Thanks!



Published by fugcheese

Cartoonist and Creator of the nationally distributed comic strip Charmy's Army. Davy is renowned in Artist's Alley for his amazing mash-ups using his characters portraying pop culture icons and figures.

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