2021 Antlanda Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductions – Part 2

Second Nominee into to Antlanda Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – Danis Doplin!

Our second inductee is also the first female inductee into the Antlanda Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Danis Doplin carved a path for all female stars following in her footsteps. Danis refused to adhere to the cookie-cutter mold of the music industry. Times were changing as people like Danis lead a charge with a cry for equal rights… and no one screamed louder than Danis Doplin as she belted out melodies and blues unlike anyone then and now.

Leading the band Big Bubba and the Scolding Company, Danis cranked out classic hits like “Clown on Skis” and “Teeth of my Shark”. Danis flew solo with the album “I Shot Tim O’Pollack’s Boobs Again Grandma!”… but Danis also flew too close to the sun. We, unfortunately, lost her way too early and she never saw her biggest hit album “Merle”‘s release. Her short time may appear to be just a speck of dust in a large field, but that tiny spec of dust hit the ground with such a monumental force that the impact left a gigantic crater upon impact.

The Antlanda Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is proud to induct our second-ever member into this prestigious class of legends.




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