A Mysterious Lady Rises from the Lake in Today’s Comic Strip


What happens next?

PLEASE READ THE COMIC STRIP ABOVE FIRST – SPOILERS AHEAD – Hello and welcome back to the series called “What happens next?” where we explore the events following our spotlighted comic strip. This week, the events leading to our strip are revealed within the context of the four-panel comic strip. During your read, you discover that Frenchy had a terrible prank played on her by Charmy and Flimp involving humiliation and a TON of smelly water.

“That was after those two pushed me into the lake! I used those branches to WHOOP THEM!”, screams Frenchy as she reveals the horrendous prank played upon her.

“Appa ek ek eek!” screeches Flimp the Chimp as he rubs his butt.

Frenchy turns to scold Flimp and informs him, “Yeah you better believe I whipped your @$$!”

Okay, you can see what that gag doesn’t fly in newspapers… lol…. Maybe not in the ANTimated Series either. Let me take a deep breath and continue with a more family-friendly approach…..

“Whoa guys!”, exclaims Weaver. “I cannot believe you both did this… HONESTLY!:

Charmy fumbles for an excuse, “Well… um… you see…”

“I just can’t believe this”, sighs Weaver. “You pull this amazing prank and you did not ask me to help? Or at least WATCH?”

“But Thursdays are your toenail nights” explains Charmy.

Weaver immediately interjects, “I could have cut them later in the evening!”

“Eeka oop oop!” says Flimp.

“Yep, you are right Flimp”, agrees Frenchy. “I would have heard his toenails clicking a mile away. That would have given you guys away for sure”.

“My toenails do not click!” defends Weaver.

“Agreed,” says Charmy.

Weaver smiles and softly replies, “Thank you”.

Blue makes a quick cameo appearance as he walks by and explains, “Yep, it is more of a “clink” “.

“Agreed!” responds both Charmy and Frenchy in unison along with Flimp who screeched “Urch!” I am guessing Flimp was also saying that he agreed.

“Oh, you guys are crazy. My toenails are not that bad”, Wever disputes the gang’s accusations. “I just like to maintain a healthy lifestyle… and that starts with taking care of your feet.”

“Eeka oopa doo!” Scheeches Flimp.

“Yeah, I don’t see The Rock or Brock Lesnar getting pedicures on a weekly basis”, agrees Frenchy.

“Well, maybe The Rock” Charmy disputes.

“Yeah, you are probably correct there Charmy”, Frenchy complies with Charmy’s assumption. “Hollywood really softens up the mighty. The only time The People smell what The Rock is cooking now is when his personal chefs whip up a little breakfast”.

The scene now switches momentum as we see Sarge enter the scene yelling, “WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU ALL DOING?”

It appears, once again, the gang has missed morning drills. Sarge punishes the gang, setting up the scene for the main storyline. I am thinking of using this as the intro to one of the stories for the ANTimated Series. This scene would need to be worked up a bit. The above was written off the top of my head in “real-time”. I think in cartoons. I also dream in cartoons. One day I hope to work in cartoons. 🙂

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Published by fugcheese

Cartoonist and Creator of the nationally distributed comic strip Charmy's Army. Davy is renowned in Artist's Alley for his amazing mash-ups using his characters portraying pop culture icons and figures.

2 thoughts on “A Mysterious Lady Rises from the Lake in Today’s Comic Strip

    1. Thanks!!! I am having a blast creating these comic strips. I can only imagine how good life must be for those lucky syndicated cartoonists. I could create strips all day long if I could afford to!!!!!

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