A Pirate Invades Today’s Comic Strip

In today’s comic strip, we meet legendary pirate Stubble Beard, the follicly challenged scourge of the open sea. Some say that his inability to grow a full beard weighed heavily on his self-esteem. The other pirates would make fun of him because pirates are judged on two criteria. Pirates are judged by their evilness and the size of their beards. Since Stubble Beard could never grow a real beard, he overcompensated by being the most feared pirate in recorded history.


Charmy is a bit shocked at seeing the pirate’s hooked hand and asks, “Whoa, dude! Are you Captain Hook?”… to which the prate begins to look even more enraged.

“NO!”, screams the pirate. “I am not Captain Hook! That guy is HALF the pirate I am!”

Frenchy pops in and remarks, “Wow! Captain Hook must be REALLY short! What does that make him? Two and a half feet?”


We have a brief pause of silence before… Charmy and Frenchy break out in laughter.

“Stubble Beard?” cracks Charmy.

“What? Was the name Baby Cheeks taken? quarks Frenchy…. and Weaver pops in as all three begin laughing hysterically.

“Hey, Frenchy! Do you know why pirates believe in themselves?” Weaver quizzes Frenchy.

“No, I do NOT!” replies Frenchy.

“Because they THINK… therefore they ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!” jokes Weaver….

… and laughter erupts again as the pirate becomes even MORE irate. As the laughter continues, in slides Flimp.

Flimp whispers into the ear of Frenchy.

“He has killed HOW MANY people?” Frenchy asks Flimp with a look of shock.

Charmy and Weaver look as though they just ate three-day-old sushi. If you’ve ever eaten three-day-old sushi, you will be able to imagine the look of horror.

Charmy back peddles and explains, “Hey Studdles, you know we were just joking”…

…and weaver facepalms as Weaver mumbles, “This won’t end well…”

“Charmy continues, “Why my great, great grand cousin was a pirate known to all as Braided Beard”.

“Never heard of him”, responds Stubble Beard with an air of disbelief. “Which territory did your cousin terrorize?”

“Great, GREAT grand cousin”, corrects Frenchy.

“Oh, um… ARRRRRgentinian sea”, Charmy says with a huge grin.

“Whoa!”, exclaims Stubble Beard. “That is one rough territory. You, sir come from very good pirate stock”.

“Well thank you Stubbles”, says Charmy as the expression on Stubble Beard’s face once again drops to a look of disgust.

“You know, my crew does not depart until tomorrow”, requests Stubbles. “Why don’t you guys pop over tonight?… we are having a little shing-ding”.

“Will anyone be walking the plank?”, Weaver asks in a nervous tone.

“Of course not”, reassures Stubble Beard. “We are just having a big old party with loads of food and drink”.

“Will there be bARRRRRRR b-cue?” asks Charmy?

Weaver facepalms again.

“Sure, we pirates LOVE bARRRRRRR b-cue”, admits Stubble Beard. “You will enjoy the party so much, I bet you find it hard to leave”.

We switch scenes to the boat where the crew is planning a mutiny. This is as far as I want to spoil. This is a story I am working on for the ANTimated series. This episode’s working title is “Pirates of the Hairy Being”. I am looking to have this episode for season two. As you can guess, the gang will be shanghaied and held captive as new members of Stubble Beard’s crew.


YES!!! Comic Cons are back on. I will be making appearances at THREE shows this year. I will be fully vaccinated in a few weeks, so in about 6 weeks, I will be ready to crawl out from under my rock and mingle with my dear friends again! I cannot begin to tell everyone how much I have missed each and every one of you.

Check out my event page by clicking the button below or clicking HERE

Following the above Facebook Event will keep you all informed of breaking news regarding the show. It will also SHOWCASE my artwork that I will prep for the show… opening up pre-sales for everything. So if you are going to the show, you can claim art BEFORE the show begins and someone purchases right out from under your feet.

Comicpalooza will be a smaller show than we’ve experienced in the past but will have all of the best artists on the circuit. The show may sell out. Be sure and get your tickets today and experience the best comic con in the state of Texas.



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Cartoonist and Creator of the nationally distributed comic strip Charmy's Army. Davy is renowned in Artist's Alley for his amazing mash-ups using his characters portraying pop culture icons and figures.

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