Lunch Lady Thinks Quickly on Her Feet in Today’s Comic Strip

Winner. Winner… Hamburger Dinner!

Yum! A hamburger with bite!!! In today’s comic strip, it is obvious when you see the last panel that the tooth Charmy found was his own. I have never heard of anyone losing a tooth while eating a hamburger. One can only imagine how terrible Lunch Lady’s cooking is.

Charmy returns to the table where he was sitting previously along with Weaver, Frenchy, and Flimp the Chimp. He eagerly plops down and alerts the gang of the unfolding events at hand.

“Guys! You’ll never guess what just happened to me!”, exclaims Charmy with a big grin.

“Whoa! Charmy!!! You are missing a tooth!”. Frenchy alerts Charmy.

“Seriously?!?”, responds Charmy. “Good thing I won this one!”

“Wow! How lucky was that!”, confirms Weaver. “That has to be a one in a million coincidence!”

Charmy sticks it back in his mouth and informs the gang, “It fits perfectly! Man, this IS my lucky day!”

“Oopa eepa oop!”, yells Flimp.

“You are so right Flimp! Charmy, you need to hit a casino asap before your luck runs out”, explains Frenchy.

“Oh-hhhh no way”, retorts Charmy. “I have a terrible gambling problem.”

“Oh, I am so sorry. I had no idea”, Frenchy apologizes. “I had no idea you had an addiction”.

“What? no… I mean that I have a problem with gambling. I do not believe in it.” explains Charmy.

“YOU have a PROBLEM with something unethical?” quizzes Weaver. “You. The guy who tortures Amy with prank after prank.”

“Who?”, asks Charmy.

“Amy. You call her Lunch Lady”, Frenchy responds.

“Her name is Amy? Huh…”, interjects Charmy. “I never knew that.”

“I correct you every time!” Frenchy reassures.

“Well, write it down next time so I can remember”, explains Charmy.

Flimp scratches his head, looking confused, and asks, “Eepa oop?”. Upon hearing Flimp Frenchy just shakes her head as she gives Charmy an icy stare.

And Turtle walks up and the situation moves over to a new focus… so there ya go! You now know the rest of the story behind today’s comic strip. This is fun. I will be going back in time to repurpose my older blogs and detail the “before” and “after” for my past comic strips. Writing these “extended story blogs” is a great warm-up exercise before I dig into writing the upcoming ANTimated series.


Comic Cons are popping up everywhere. Unfortunately, most are all coming back in the same two-month timespan… July and August. Because of this, I had to cut my show appearances down and scale back my availability to my readers. There is nothing more rewarding for me than having fun conversations with fans and discussing my amazing cast from Charmy’s Army. Hearing how my characters actually affect the lives of others in a positive manner makes my day. Between you and me, this is about the ONLY reward I get, lol… I gotta get syndicated soon!!!


Houston, Texas – July 17-18, 2021 – George R Brown Convention Center

Comicpalooza is the FIRST comic con I ever appeared at… back before I landed my first newspaper run. I failed miserably, selling three prints and losing about $700. I knew that it would just take time to build my empire. The next year at Comicpalooza, my comic strip was running in a few papers and my credibility. From then on, Comicpalooza has been my most profitable show year after year. I have an amazingly large following there who come out year after year to support me and my dream.

Check into my FACEBOOK COMICPALOOZA EVENT PAGE to receive updates.

Bell County Comic Con

Belton, Texas – August 7 -8, 2021 – Bell County Expo Center

This is quickly becoming the biggest comic con in Texas. As a matter of fact, in the year 2021, Bell County WILL BE the biggest comic con in Texas. Why? Well, because the largest, Comicpalooza is scaling back to less than a third of its normal size due to pandemic concerns. If you plan on going to a comic con this year, and you want to attend the best, then you should select Bell County Comic Con!

Check into my FACEBOOK BELL COUNTY CC EVENT PAGE to receive updates.

Hill Country Comic Con

New Braunfels, Texas – August 14-15, 2021 – New Braunfels Convention Center

What a fun, family-friendly show! I sat on a panel last year and the room was filled to capacity. People laughed at all of my jokes. In the end, they all stood and applauded. What is even more exciting is that when the show was over, they all popped by my booth and purchased a lot of art!!! This is a smaller show, but it had the feel of a larger show. My table was busy from start to finish and people hung around longer, talking and mingling… which I love. Building relationships with the attendees and making sure they have an epic adventure at the show are all my primary objectives. I cannot wait to see how the second year pans out!!! Plus I am looking forward to eating some amazing kolaches and hitting a winery or two with my amazingly lovely wife!

Check into my FACEBOOK HILL COUNTRY CC EVENT PAGE to receive updates.


See all of my scheduled appearances HERE.

See you all VERY soon!!!



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Cartoonist and Creator of the nationally distributed comic strip Charmy's Army. Davy is renowned in Artist's Alley for his amazing mash-ups using his characters portraying pop culture icons and figures.

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