Warrior Wench Wendy Knows What She Wants!

In today’s comic strip, we take another look at society and the perceptions thrown onto one another. We dwell on social concerns that plague our country. Wait, what? No, we don’t! We start down the path and run away like a frightened squirrel. Dang it, now I am going to get hate mail from squirrel lovers again. I need to keep my viewpoints to myself.

Warrior Wench Wendy has proven year after year to be one of my “fan favorite” characters. As one of Frenchy’s many secret identities, Warrior Wench Wendy is the one alter ego where Frenchy is actually quite… um… sane… and smart. Well, she is a bit smarter. The goal for this persona is to give my younger readers a hero and role model to look up to.


Frenchy explains, “Whoa, I do not know what is real anymore. I mean… is this store even real?”

“It better be!”, responds the upset Blacksmith. “I pay some VERY real taxes on this here establishment”.

Zana pops in and her eyes light up with excitement. “I’ll take that ax”, demands Zana as she points to the same ax.

“That is not a real ax”, interrupts Frenchy. “It is a wall decoration”.

“Ha! ha! ha!”, laughs Zana. “Well, duh. You’d have to be a COMPLETE idiot to think otherwise! What idiot would think that is real? It is obviously a prop. I want to buy it for my den.”

“Yeah, ha, ha, ha… what idiot would think that is real”, Frenchy embarrassingly concurs.

“Indeed”, mutters the Blacksmith.

Frenchy quickly switches the subject, “So, Zana… Have we received any word from the King regarding the invasion?

“No. He has not sent over his shopping list yet”, answers Zana.

Frenchy expresses a cringing grin as her embarrassment grows. “We will see ya later Mr. Blacksmith”, says Frenchy as she shuffles Zana away from the counter.”

“The name is Jack!”, yells the blacksmith as they leave the shop. “I tell you that every time. Jack Smith… How hard is THAT to REMEMBER!”

And we switch to a new scene.

See last week’s strip and read WHAT HAPPENS NEXT…. HERE


This is a question I ask myself a lot when I appear at comic cons across the beautiful state of Texas. If you have not figured this out yet, I am a Texas native and I love my home state. Before the pandemic, I was appearing at comic cons across Texas every month. There are so many “print vendors” at these shows, most of which were selling bootleg prints of art pulled from other artists off the internet. The issue became so bad that I had decided that I no longer want to sell 11 x 17 prints. So, at my upcoming shows, I will NOT be selling these large prints.

I am going to drop these products for 2021. I am going to create more original art and focus on big-dollar merchandise… and probably take a HUGE hit on my show earnings. The loss will be worth it. I only have 4 shows lined up, so if the hit is sizeable, I will bring them back in 2022 when I go back to appearing at a show each month in Texas.

When you attend comic cons, be sure you are supporting the real artists. As vendors, we sign agreements not to sell the art of other artists without their legal permission. Ask questions. Request to see samples of the original art. One dead giveaway will be if the art all looks like it was drawn by different artists. A real artist will have a recognizable art style. All the drawings should look like the same artist who drew them. A big show will shut these vendors down within an hour, but the smaller shows sadly turn a blind eye.

Support the real artists in Artists Alley!




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Cartoonist and Creator of the nationally distributed comic strip Charmy's Army. Davy is renowned in Artist's Alley for his amazing mash-ups using his characters portraying pop culture icons and figures.

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