Frenchy Seeks the Perfect Pitch in Today’s Comic Strip

The story continues…

Charmy shakes his head in disbelief and says, “You know your idea is faulty, right?”

“Really?”, asks Frenchy.

“Yeah, you need to tell them where to get the money”, explains Charmy.

“Like a bake sale!” suggests Frenchy.

“We would have to sell a million cupcakes”, informs Charmy.

“Then we double the price!” says an excited Frenchy.

“No one would pay double the cost for our cupcakes” explains Charmy.

“Sure they will!”, reassures Frenchy. “We will offer a buy one, get one free deal!”

“Frenchy!”, Charmy says as he slaps his own forehead. “Think about what you just said”.

Frenchy rolls her eyes up as though she is looking to the heavens and begins to think.

“Charmy’s expressions switch to excitement as he yells, “THAT WAS BRILLIANT! Maybe we could even throw in a few cookies. We will sell a ton of baked goods!”

“Well, if we are going to do cookies too… we will need a little dough”, suggests Frenchy.

“Well, we have no cash, so we will have to make the cookies some other way”, says Charmy as he places his hands on his hip.

“There is no other way to make cookies!” yells Frenchy. “You must have some dough!”

“We are broke! We have no dough!” says Charmy.

“Wait!… I got it!” exclaims Frenchy as she throws her hands into the air. “Let’s make a lemonade stand so we can get money for the cookie dough!”

“AGAIN… BRILLIANT!!!”, yells Charmy.

Weaver walks up and asks, “Hey… What is going on? What is all the commotion about?”

Frenchy smiles and explains, “We are going to sell lemonade so we can make some dough”.

“Oh!” Weaver says in a super excited tone. “Are you planning on making cookies with the dough?”

“Yep”, confirms Frenchy. “Then we will sell the cookies and some cupcakes so we can pay off the armory debt”.

“You’ll never make enough money that way”, explains Weaver. “What you’ll need to do is take the money you make and invest it in the stock market”.

“Oh!” says Frenchy with a feeling of revelation. “I see. We invest in cattle and sell hamburgers!”

“No, not livestock”, Weaver explains.

“Oh right”, says Frenchy. “It is better to buy them already ground up for burgers. Less mess”.

“Gross”, says Weaver. “I am referring to the stock market. We buy some stock on the rise and wait about ten years and then we may have enough money to pay off the debt”.

“Yeah… no”, says Charmy. “I like the burger joint idea better.”

Frenchy agrees, “Me too! Burger joint it is!!!”

“Well, I do have a killer burger recipe”, admits Weaver. “It calls for a sliced up cucumber that is boiled in a vinegar mix for hours”.

Charmy interrupts saying, “That is a pickle”.

“No, no, no…”, explains Weaver. “It is actually quite easy”.

Charmy and Frenchy both break the fourth wall and stare out at the audience.

“Yes, we actually pay writers for gags this bad,” says Charmy.

“Hey! Maybe we can stop paying our writers and we can pay off the armory debt!” suggests Frenchy.

“Yeah, all this talk has tired me out anyway. I do not feel like making any lemonade”, explains Charmy.

“But I do feel like drinking some!” exclaims Frenchy.

“To the candy bar!” yell all three, and they run off.

In walk Flimp. “Oppa doo?”

End scene




Published by fugcheese

Cartoonist and Creator of the nationally distributed comic strip Charmy's Army. Davy is renowned in Artist's Alley for his amazing mash-ups using his characters portraying pop culture icons and figures.

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