Frenchy Reveals Her Romantic History in Today’s Comic Strip

I love this gag. I actually dreamed this gag up. I awoke at 2:00 am after dreaming that I was writing my strip. I knew I had something good, so I leaped out of bed… well, I crawled…. and I wrote this down in the notebook in the living room. Normally, I would use the notebook that rests next to my bed. I knew this gag was good, so I lumbered into the living room on purpose. I made the trip to make sure I was awake enough to record the gag properly.


Frenchy continues to seesaw Turtle’s emotions.

“But, it was just not meant to be. He is an athlete and I just do not prefer those strong, muscle-bound guys”, admits Frenchy.

“Oh!” exclaims Turtle.

“Of course, Chuck has let himself go. I doubt he has much muscle mass left”, Frenchy says as she begins thinking to herself as if she is reflecting on her true feelings for Chuck.

“Oh…”, remarks Turtle.

“But it doesn’t matter now. Chuck is married with two kids”, reveals Turtle.

“Oh!”, says Turtle as he grins ear to ear.

Suddenly Frenchy remembers, “Oh course he did have a twin brother who looked exactly like Chuck. I think he lives just south of Antlanda!”

“Oh…” says Turtle.

“Too bad he is a priest now”, sighs Frenchy.

“Oh!” says a relieved Turtle.

Flimp the Chimp pops in and screeches, “Oopa ee ee eek!”

Frenchy’s eyes widen as she replies, “Really? He is a minister… and NOT a priest?”

“Oh…” says Turtle.

“Too bad my grandmother would never allow me to date anyone but a good Catholic boy,” says Frenchy.

“Oh!” exclaims Turtle.

“Of course, she passed away years ago”, says Frenchy.

“Oh!”, exclaims Turtle.

“But, of course….”, Frenchy begins to say before getting cut off by Turtle.

“Excuse me, please”, says Turtle who looks a bit dizzy. “I need to go outside and catch my breath”.

“Oh…”, says Frenchy.

“Eek oo eeka oop!”, says Flimp.

“Oh, he IS a priest?” Frenchy reconfirms Flimp’s banter. “

Ee ee oopa oo!”, says Flimp.

“Oh!”, exclaims Frenchy.

Charmy pops into the scene and a new scenario begins.


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