Yep. Weaver cannot swim. He grew up in the big metropolis Old Fountainland where the nearest body of water was an eight-hour drive. The city is located smack-dab in the middle of the Swettihawt Desert. Back in the pioneer days during the North American settlement, this fiery deathtrap took the lives of many settlers seeking a new life in the West. Eventually, a small town was established in the middle of this deadly desert to serve as a pit stop and area of refuge. A well was dug out in the town which served an endless supply of water. A small fountain was erected next to the well, which is where the city’s name comes from.



“I’m in!”. yells Charmy as he pops into the scene. “I’m ready to pump in the pool and wet my whistle!”

“That is NOT what that means”, explains Turtle.

Oh, yes it does!” Say Charmy and he reveals a whistle and blows it in the face of Turtle who falls back and drops to the floor.

“What time do we hit the pool?”, asks Charmy. I need to make sure I don’t eat a half hour before we dive in”.

“I was told to be there at seven in the morning”, says Weaver.

Turtle stands back up and looks pretty upset.

“I believe you guys are really confused as to the concept of a motor pool”, advises Turtle.

“Duh, I think we got this” assures Charmy. “Motor. Pool. It is a jacuzzi. What is so hard to figure out?”

“What a relief!” Sighs Weaver. “You can’t drown in a jacuzzi. No deep end!”

“You’ve both gone off the deep end!”, yells Turtle. “A motor pool is NOT what you think it is!”

In pops Frenchy with a teeny bikini… and turtle stands in shock for a second and then falls backward and hits the ground, again, with a thud.

The gang stands silently looking down at Turtle… who pops right back up.

“Look! As I was saying…. you got this ALL WRONG!” pleads Turtle.

Turtle pauses for a second as he glances at Frenchy and continues…

“All wrong… It is an M-36 Military Trailer filled with water!”, explains Turtle. “New location. Meet me in the morning behind the far north shed”.

“Cool!” shouts Charmy, Weaver, and Frenchy in unison.

Turtle runs away mumbling, “I gotta find a water hose”….

The gang begins to chant… “Mo-tor pool. Mo-tor pool…” as the scene ends.

Sending out next week’s blog VERY early. I have another podcast to record on Sunday. I also have 36 cards to draw, ink and color before my next Comic Con appearance. I also need to write a few strips and get them drawn, inked, and colored for my August newspaper run. I wish I had a little work to do. Hope I don’t get bored over the next few weeks.


Sharing my work with others helps me gain more followers. The more followers I get will force the syndicates to take notice. I need a syndicate to back me if I am ever going to make my dream come to life. Playing the role of a cartoonist is fun, but I want to one day become a real, professional cartoonist. My lifelong goal has been to gain approval to join the National Cartoonist Society. To gain full membership, you must be considered a working cartoonist. I make enough money with Charmy’s Army to pay for my art supplies. There is no profit here. Syndication is the only way I will see my dream come true.

Your help, by simply sharing my blog with your friends, will get me noticed by one of the major syndicates. Thanks in advance!



Published by fugcheese

Cartoonist and Creator of the nationally distributed comic strip Charmy's Army. Davy is renowned in Artist's Alley for his amazing mash-ups using his characters portraying pop culture icons and figures.


      1. Done! Subscribed. I am going to begin a new segment called “Great American Strippers” and would love to feature you and your strip. Let me know if you are interested.

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