Gooser Dadburn lives on the edge in The Old West

Lawless aggression blankets the Old West. No watering hole in this world is more dangerous than the little town of Podge City, which is where we find Gooser Dadburn today. Our hero Charmy still finds himself stuck in the Old West as he is mistaken time and time again as legendary bounty hunter and ex-lawman Gooser Dadburn. In today’s strip, Gooser is reunited with one of his arch enemies, The Mango Kid.

So what happens next?

“Would you like to join me for a cup of tea?” asks Gooser.

“”Heck no, I don’t wanna join you for a sissified cup of tea!” yells The Mango Kid. “I am here to challenge you to a gunfight… Unless you are a big chicken”.

“Actually, I am feeling a bit fowl,” says Gooser with a frightened grin across his face. “I think I had some bad sushi for dinner”.

“Sushi?” exclaims Mango. “That is quite the fancy sissy food!”

“Hey! Them’s fightin’ words!” yells Gooser as he stands up, knocking his tea to the floor with a loud crash. “I challenge YOU to a dual!”

“Okay!” says an excited Mango. “What are our weapons?”

“Checkers!” reveals Gooseras he points to a checker set all ready to go.

“What kind of sissy dual is a game of Checkers?” asks a despondent Mango.

“Oh, I see”, says Gooser. “I guess YOU are the big chicken.”

“Am not!” argues Mango. “Best two out of three”.

“Okay” says Gooser. ” Before we begin I need you to teach me how to play.”

“Why did you challenge me to a game you do not know how to play?” asks Mango.

“The only other game they have here is Tiddly Winks and that is such a sissy game”, explains Gooser.

“Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!” laughs Mango. “You are a funny guy. And to think I wanted to kill you dead a few minutes ago. Let’s have a real drink at the bar”.

“Great. The first round of tea is on me!” yells Gooser.

“If you buy me a cup of tea, it will be ALL OVER you when I toss it in your face”, threatens Mango.

“Not a tea man, huh?” questions Gooser.

“Nope. I am more of a rye whiskey guy”, answers Mango.

“You know, I need to go check my horse,” says Gooser. “I think I left her double-parked near a fire hydrant… Plus I think I need to feed the meter again.”

“Okay, I will get us a spot at the bar,” says Mango as he shuffles off.

Gooser begins to walk slowly towards the door and suddenly picks up his pace to a full sprint as he runs out the door to end the scene.


Sharing my work with others helps me gain more followers. The more followers I get will force the syndicates to take notice. I need a syndicate to back me if I am ever going to make my dream come to life. Playing the role of a cartoonist is fun, but I want to one day become a real, professional cartoonist. My lifelong goal has been to gain approval to join the National Cartoonist Society. To gain full membership, you must be considered a working cartoonist. I make enough money with Charmy’s Army to pay for my art supplies. There is no profit here. Syndication is the only way I will see my dream come true.

Your help, by simply sharing my blog with your friends, will get me noticed by one of the major syndicates. Thanks in advance!



Published by fugcheese

Cartoonist and Creator of the nationally distributed comic strip Charmy's Army. Davy is renowned in Artist's Alley for his amazing mash-ups using his characters portraying pop culture icons and figures.

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