There is No Cure for this Nonsense in today’s Comic Strip

Disco is NOT dead in today's Comic Strip.

I am a little behind on my blog posts. I had another amazing show last weekend in Conroe, Texas. If you came out to the event, I wish to thank you for spending some time with me! I had told a few of you that I had created the badge art… but unfortunately, my art was not used on the badges. I was greatly anticipating the bragging rights to being the artist for my first comic con badge, so I was extremely bummed when I saw the badge the show went with. Luckily my wife accompanied me to the show. She is my rock. Knowing we were together for a fun weekend made the issue float away and off of my radar. Creating badge art has been a huge goal of mine, so hopefully I will get another shot in the future.

Here is the art I created for the badge….

Unused Badge Art by cartoonist Davy Jones for Comic Conroe 2021

It would have been my best “comic book art” I’ve ever created. Oh well… I will try and get this off my bucket list later. I need to focus on other projects now. More news on my next project is coming soon.


Charmy suddenly has a stack of records that he is flipping through, tossing them aside as they shatter.

“Let’s see… “Liberace Tickles the Ivories”…, “Shatner Sings Sinatra”…,” Charmy reads off the record labels. “Ashton Kutcher Covers the Wiggles”…, “Seth MacFarlane Forces Showtunes Down Your Throat”…”

“Yeah, what is it with Seth and those showtunes. Is he like ninety or something?” asks Frenchy.

“Well, his jokes are about that old, so maybe”, confirms Charmy.

In dances Sarge as he jives to the disco beat.

“Quick! We gotta find Doc!”, yells Frenchy.

“Oh no, I am feeling a bit… gulp… groovy!” exclaims a worrisome Charmy.

SLAP! Frenchy slaps the crud out of Charmy’s left cheek.

“SNAP OUT OF IT YOU FOOL!”, screams Frenchy.

Frenchy and charmy run out through the camp looking for Doc and are swarmed by people dancing and jiving slowly like zombies.

Will they make it to the Doc’s office in one piece? Maybe we will continue this story later. Stay TOON’ed!!!


Published by fugcheese

Cartoonist and Creator of the nationally distributed comic strip Charmy's Army. Davy is renowned in Artist's Alley for his amazing mash-ups using his characters portraying pop culture icons and figures.

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