Flimp is a Genius in Today’s Comic Strip

There is a VERY smart monkey in today's comic strip from Davy Jones and Charmy's Army.

You all missed something in today’s comic strip!

If today’s strip was showcased in the animated series, you all would have seen a key animated element that is always missed in the comic strip. Well, it is “nearly” always missed. Unfortunately, the comic strip is limited to only four panels, so a lot of subtle details must be edited out of the story. With this strip, we once again miss a crucial running gag involving Flimp the Chimp.

In the animated series, Flimp is always producing props from his tiny little hat. Just before the last panel of today’s comic strip, Flimp pulled the framed diploma from his hat. If this was a true Webcomic, I could have added an additional panel. Webcomics are not limited to size or to the number of panels used. Since Charmy’s Army runs in newspapers, I must adhere to the consistent four panel format.

So, what happens next?

Weaver looks back at the diploma and remarks, “Wait! That says Harvark… not Harvard”.

“Oopa du!” says Flimp the Chimp as he pulls out another diploma.

Weaver looks closely at the new one and says, “Oh… okay. This one says “Harvard”.

“Wow!” says an astonished Charmy. “Flimp graduated from two different universities!”

“Appa app!” says Flimp as he pulls out five more diplomas.

“Charmy’s eyes grow huge as he says, “Wow, that really is one smart monkey” Charmy then pauses for a brief second and says, “but I do not buy it”.

“Eeka eek eek!” syas Flimp as Frenchy walks up.

“Flimp say that you can too buy one if you have enough cash” says Frenchy.

“Cool!” says an excited Charmy. “I would love a Master’s Degree from Princeton!”

Flimp grins, pulls out a diploma from his hat and hands it to Charmy.

“There you go!” says Frenchy.

Charmy is elated. “Wow! It even has my name on it!”

Weaver looks at the diploma and says, “It claims you have a degree in self absorption”.

“Well of course!” says Charmy. “That’s because I absorb knowledge like a sponge!”

“Holy mac-a-noodle, you’re an idiot.” says Frenchy.

“”Oh, I have a diploma that says differently” says Charmy.

Flimp facepalms as the scene ends.

See you all at Bell County Comic Con this weekend

One of my favorite comic cons takes place this weekend!!! I created a page in the official comic book for the show. If you attend the comic con, please come see me and get your comic book signed for free. I will also have the original art for sale if anyone is interested.

I will have a limited supply of original art for sale. I had created a TON of art for Comicpalooza a few weeks ago, but I sold nearly everything I created. That is of course an amazing problem to have! I also have a VERY limited supply of large prints which I am selling off. I no longer want to sell large prints. Instead, I will fill that spot up with original art. Some of the art will be quick sketches for an affordable art investment. Other selections will be incredibly detailed fan art for those with bigger pockets. 🙂 The new art selection will debut in November at Bayou City Comic Con.



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Cartoonist and Creator of the nationally distributed comic strip Charmy's Army. Davy is renowned in Artist's Alley for his amazing mash-ups using his characters portraying pop culture icons and figures.

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