Davy Draws Attention in Today’s Comic Strip

… and The Comic Con Results AGREE!!!

Davy is quite talented!!! I have had one HECK of a month. In the past FIVE weeks, I have appeared at 4 MAJOR COMIC CONS!!! Months before the first show, I decided to trash my large prints. A change was needed. There are so many “print artists” in artists alley making it hard to compete. I decided that my story cannot be told from a massive wall of fan art prints. I am an artist.

At least a dozen times a day at these shows I experience someone staring at my prints, squinting their eyes , and they asking me if I drew these prints. There are a ton of attendees who think people who sell prints are NOT selling their own art. They just think you are selling other artist’s work as a print. Seriously. I had to make a change, no matter how risky it was.

I dropped the prints and went to the shows with a scaled back quantity of my mini prints. I replaced the space with real art. I added more Sketch Covers, I drew up a massive amount of Sketch Cards. I even raised the price of my art. I knew this was a gamble. I braced myself for a hard fall. Looking at reality, I knew my profits would more than likely get slashed in half, if not deeper. I prepared myself for the worst.

All four shows were amazing successes! The rebrand proved true and reassured me that I can actually be a successful cartoonist/illustrator. Nearly all of my sketch covers and all of my sketch cards are gone. I sold dozens of sketch cards at both Comicpalooza and at Bell County Comic Con. My Strip Art sold like crazy as well. The first show was Comicpalooza and it blew away the profits from my best show ever. A few weeks later, Bell County proved its greatness and blew away the Comicpalooza record.

Thank you ALL for making these shows an enormous success.


I am prepping for an enormous project where I will debut my talents as a Children’s Book illustrator. The strips from the last two weeks have been a teaser. The book series revolves around a monkey and a koala bear and their loving family who take on fun adventures, bonding with each other and the readers as the journey plays out before our eyes… and our hearts.

The story is written by CJ Peterson who also stars in the book series along with her husband Trevor Peter Dallas-Orr. I sent some time with them at Comicpalooza and at Comic Conroe and they are amazing! Just as with me and my wife, you can see right off the bat that they are true soulmates. I love them both so dearly!!! I cannot wait to get this project off the ground and make them super happy.

That said, I gotta go. Gotta get moving on this massive project.


Published by fugcheese

Cartoonist and Creator of the nationally distributed comic strip Charmy's Army. Davy is renowned in Artist's Alley for his amazing mash-ups using his characters portraying pop culture icons and figures.

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