Meet Paige and Hedd Turner in Today’s Comic Strip!

I love the colors in today’s comic strip. I want to get a few Gooser Dadburn comic books produced soon, but I am waiting for the perfect story to hit me. A western will be a hard sell unless I can come across something really cool. I am sure my brain can come up with something. As I wait, I am creating a wild supporting cast for this series.

So, who are these kids? Paige and Hedd Turner are mischievous twins are the offspring of the town’s preacher and his wife… Will and Faith Turner. These two brats are always looking for trouble. If they are not looking for trouble, trouble will find them. They can turn any problem into an opportunity.

Speaking of which…. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

“Yeah!” agrees Paige. “He is a rotten cheat.”

There is only one thing left to do”, pitches Hedd.

“Yep”, Paige agrees again. “We gotta go spend these fake nickels”.

“Yup. Old man Carl at the drug store cannot see anything”, plots Hedd. “Let’s go buy some candy!”

Just then the stage coach pulls up and someone mumbles, “That stage singer Wendy Breeze has arrived!”

“Change of plans!” yells Paige. “I have a plan. We have one hotel. Let’s pretend the hotel sent us to fetch her. You’ll carry her bags to the hotel while I chat with her and keep her entertained.”

“Why do I have to carry the bags?” asks Hedd.

“So she can tip us when we get to the hotel”, explains Paige.

“Oh yeah. You are a genius”, says Hedd. Wait, why don’t you carry the bags and I entertain her.”

“Because you are boring”, says Paige.

“You got me there” confirms Hedd.

And another story begin…..


Published by fugcheese

Cartoonist and Creator of the nationally distributed comic strip Charmy's Army. Davy is renowned in Artist's Alley for his amazing mash-ups using his characters portraying pop culture icons and figures.

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