Lunch Lady’s Food is to Die For in Today’s Comic Strip

Frenchy has a new catchphrase… “HOLY MAC-A-NOODLE!”

I have a feeling that in about 19 months, “HOLY MAC-A-NOODLE!” will be on the tips of everyone’s tongue. It won’t be long before we hear Dewayne “The Rock” Johnson spouting “HOLY MAC-A-NOODLE!” in a Fast and The Furious movie. I can already see people walking in herds with t-shirts emblazoned with a “HOLY MAC-A-NOODLE!” logo stamped in neon colors. I can hear people chanting “MAC-A-NOODLE! MAC-A-NOODLE! MAC-A-NOODLE!” over and over again at my comic con appearances. I can even see Kraft Foods producing a line of pasta named “HOLY MAC-A-NOODLE!”.

I am telling you, this new catchphrase is going to make me rich.

Okay, back to reality. I realized that Charmy’s Army was created 12 years ago this month. How crazy is that? By rule, a cartoonist should give no more than three years to any concept and move on. I spent six grueling years developing this crazy comic strip before getting picked up in newspapers. Six long years later, and I am sitting on one of the hottest comic strips on the comic con circuit. Every appearance is riveting. The love and support I have experienced from my fans over the past three years has me floored.

Today’s comic strip pretty much ends here. There is no “rest of the story”. If I had to expand on the strip a bit, I guess I could bring in some additional silliness….

“Well you have NO idea what you are missing!” says an overly excited Frenchy and she swallows another huge spoonful of banana pudding.

“I am betting that I am missing a miserable evening full of cramps and multiple bathroom trips”, explains Charmy.

“Oh, why do you always make fun of Amy’s delicious cooking?” asks Frenchy.

“Who is Amy?”, asks Charmy with a dumbfounded expression.

“Urgh!” sighs Frenchy. “Amy… Lunch Lady. I have no idea why you hate her cooking so much.”

“Well, you must have grown up eating slop” reasons Charmy. “You said that you grew up on a farm, right? Deep in the Piney Woods of East Texas?”

“Yes, and the food in East Texas has more flavor than anywhere else in this country!” defends Frenchy as her southern accent and southern draw gets thicher and thicker as her anger grows.

Did I eve mention Frenchy has a thick, East Texas accent? I;ve been hearing her voice and accent in my head since I created her twelve years ago. Getting the perfect voice actor will be tough. I have very high expectations and know what I want Frenchy to sound like.

Frenchy continues. “Where the heck did YOU grow up Charmy? I bet you are a city boy who ate fancy foods all of his life!”

“I lived all over the country growing up”, reveals Charmy. Charmy has been very protective forever about his background and his personal life before joining the army.

“What do you consider as a fancy food?”, asks Charmy.

Frenchy Explains. “Drinks with umbrellas. Meat on a stick. French fries with sissy, dipping sauce.”

“Catsup?” asks a shocked Charmy. “You think catsup is a fancy food?”

“SISSY sauce”, barks Frenchy. “We could not afford catsup. That is high society dip”.

“So, you never had meat on a skewer? asks Charmy.

“Of course I did”, says Frenchy. “Daddy used to grill chicken on skewers all the time.”

“But you said that meat on a stick was fancy food”, explains Charmy.

Meat on a stick is fancy food! But chicken skewers is not technically included in that fancy category”, explains Frenchy.

“I am confused”, reveals Charmy. “What other kind of meat on a stick is there?”

“CORNDOGS!”, yells Frenchy. “Stupid sissified corndogs and that fancy mustard sauce”.

“Corndogs… fancy….”, mumbles Charmy. “I guess going to the travelling carnival is a fancy night on the town”.

“Oh heck yeah!”, agress Frenchy. “Daddy would take us every year and he would always wear his good undershirt! It was SO fancy!”


Published by fugcheese

Cartoonist and Creator of the nationally distributed comic strip Charmy's Army. Davy is renowned in Artist's Alley for his amazing mash-ups using his characters portraying pop culture icons and figures.

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