Meet the Evil Doctor Sock in this episode of Charmy’s Army!

New Character Appearance in today’s Comic Strip!

In today’s comic strip, we meet the evil Doctor Sock! Yes, this shockingly bizarre character will make appearances in my comic strip from time to time in the future. What are my plans for Doctor Sock? Oh, I am not telling. Let’s just say that events in my comic strip will be getting so freaky strange.


So, what happens next in today’s comic strip?

In walks Weaver as we watch his face pucker up as if he smells something nasty.

“What the heck is that rancid smell?”, asks Weaver.

In unison, both Charmy and Frenchy respond, “Your sock!”

“Hey! Why did you deface my sock?”, asks an irate Weaver.

“I did not deface it… I ADDED a face to it”, notes Charmy as he corrects Weaver.

Doctor Sock speaks up. “Lay off of Charmy for he has breathed life into me!”

“If he is saying that I gave him mouth to mouth resuscitation, he is lying!”, yells Charmy.

Doctor Sock informs the gang of his evil intentions, “You have done more than just that… you have created the leader of the new world order. All shall bow at my feet and worship me”.

“Dude, you do not have any feet”, says Weaver.

“Charmy! Sew me a pair of legs!” demands Doctor Sock.

“Don’t do it Charmy”, warns Frenchy. “Remember, you reap what you sew.”

“That is SO not what that means” says Weaver.

“Yeah the actual saying is you RIP what you sew” says Charmy.

Suddening we hear Doctor Sock from across the room. “You are all a bunch of idiots. I shall find someone else to me my minion.”

“Wait, how did that just happen?” asks Weaver.

Frenchy suddenly looks confused and remarks, “Yeah, we haven’t sewed him any legs yet.”

Scene now switches to another story…. so we end here.



I am so sorry for being “off the grind” for an entire month. I have been working 7 days a week for the entire month on a Children’s Book called The Adventures of Chief and Sarge. I was approached three months ago by the writer and series creator C.J. Peterson, We hit it off quite well and found we shared a common vision for a new creative direction for her book series. After signing a huge contract, I have become the official illustrator for her book series, replacing the initial artist from the first book.

The project required 67 illustrations. Each drawing includes a ton of detail. My first task was to recreate the characters. We decided to change the look of the characters and start from scratch. It took over a month to draw these guys over and over again until I finally captured the perfect look and feel. Once I sold the new look to the series creator, I was in the middle of a massive series of comic con appearances which lasted seven grueling weeks.

All drawings were sketched out with pencils first and sent for approval. Tweaks were made back and forth until we had the entire book’s illustrations mapped out and picture-perfect. Next task was inking. Each and every single drawing was inked completely by hand. I refuse to clone drawings in Photoshop. Every drawing was created to look different from the other drawings. To achieve this, I created an entire world for Chief and Sarge. This world now lives in my head. Because I have this “vision” for the actual “lay of the land” in my imagination, each scene was created using different camera angles within the same setting.

With every turn of the page, you will see my “blood, sweat and tears”. I actually took two weeks of vacation from my amazingly supportive day job just so I could work on this book. Get this, I worked from 6:00 am to Midnight EVERY SINGLE DAY of my vacation. When I commit to something, I throw all I have into my project. I loved every single second of this labor of love. I would do this all over again in a heartbeat… and I hope I do when the next book is written!

After drawing were sketched and final inks where applied and dried, I had to color them all. Again, these drawing are very complex. I have several kitchen scenes with a ton of tile on the wall and some amazingly complex cabinetry for all of their cookware and kitchen supplies. There are several outdoor scenes with massive crowds where each character was carefully colored individually. A few scenes took over 6 hours to color! All in all, once completed, I am betting I put over 300 hours into this project… well over 300 hours.

Check out our facebook page here…

I will let everyone know when the book is ready to be publish. The title will be “The Adventures of Chief and Sarge – A Day at the Races – A Lesson in Friendship”. Follow the link above to stay up-to-date on this book series.

– Davy


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Cartoonist and Creator of the nationally distributed comic strip Charmy's Army. Davy is renowned in Artist's Alley for his amazing mash-ups using his characters portraying pop culture icons and figures.

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