A Huge Dragon Threatens Warrior Wench Wendy in Today’s Comic Strip

What happens next?

Wendy continues speaking. “Now we can follow the dragon to his lair!”

“Are you crazy?”, asks Zana. “We have run out of water and food. We need to travel back to Fenola and regroup.”

“Nonsense!”, yells Wendy. “We will feast on dragon meat and drink their blood!”

“Gross”, remarks Zana. “You do know dragons taste like rotten vomit.”

Wendy puts her sword back in its seve.scabbard as she reflects on the mission afoot. “For years now we thought the terrors of the night were all defeated. Extinct. But this dragon has appeared out of nowhere. We must track him down and make sure the threat is dealt with swiftly.”

“What if this dragon is NOT evil?” asks Zana. “He was green. The dragons that ravaged our kingdom years ago were all flint gray. What if this is not an evil race of dragons? He did walk away after all.”

“Well, I guess we only find out by taking the journey”, says Wendy as she walks off after the huge dragon.

The Quest for the Emerald Dragon begins…

This is a story I have planned for the fourth book series for Warrior Wench Wendy. I just need to make time for these novels.


All Caught Up

I have finally caught up on my blog posts! Now, I just need to begin inking cards for Inktober. I need to build up inventory for my huge comic con appearance in November. I only have a few sketch cards left after five massively successful shows this summer. I am taking next week off from work just so I can work on art the entire week. I want to knock out 54 new cards and at least 6 sketch covers. If possible, I would love to complete 12 sketch covers, but I want to pad in a little time for some other activities like checking in on my mom and maybe putting a brisket on my pit. Fun!

I have worked nonstop on my art since March. No breaks. I have gotten to the point where if I am not working on my art, I feel extremely guilty… then I find myself working feverishly. I am addicted to work. The “work” is not the real need for me. I work because I want to be successful with my art. I have made tons of strides and I have seen a lot of great accomplishments. What I haven’t seen is true success.

I am seeking syndication by a syndicate, membership in the National Cartoonists Society, or a contract to produce Charmy’s Army – The ANTimated Series. Until any of these goals are reached, I have not seen true success. I am driven and will never give up until two of those three goals are reached. And even then, I am not going to stop working on my art, my dream, my destiny.



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Charmy's Army – The Comic Strip


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Cartoonist and Creator of the nationally distributed comic strip Charmy's Army. Davy is renowned in Artist's Alley for his amazing mash-ups using his characters portraying pop culture icons and figures.

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