Frenchy cuts through stereotypes in today’s comic strip

So, what happens next?

“Okay… okay… Here ya go Frenchy”, says Weaver as he passes the pink shirt to Frenchy.

“Hey!”, yells Frenchy. “This is an extra small! I cannot wear this!”

Weaver explains, “They are all extra small. That is why I got them so cheap. Some of the shirts do not have a neck hole”.

Amy, aka The Lunch Lady, asks, “How in the heck are you suppose to wear a shirt without a neck hole?”

“Oh, I fixed that with a pair of scissors”, informs Weaver.

“So you cut a neck hole” asks Amy.

“No silly”, says Weaver with a look of absurdity on his face. “I cut out eye holes so you can see.”

Frenchy taps Weaver’s left shoulder slowly…. tap, tap, tap…. and asks, “Um, why did you just not cit a neck hole out. Wouldn’t that make more sense? If you can get your head through the shirt, you would not need eye holes.”

“Oh…”, says Weaver as he realizes the mistake. “I do have a pink shirt in your size! Let me cut you a neck hole”.

Weaver whips out a pair of scissors and quickly begins cutting a hole into the shirt.

“Wait!” yells Frenchy. “Did you already cut eye holes in that shirt?”

“Oh yeah…. yes I did”, admits Weaver.

“I don’t want it?” says Frenchy.

“Why not?”, asks Weaver.

“I may be a bit….” Frenchy pauses for just a second… and continues, “drafty”.

Amy laughs and remarks, “Yep, those peep holes would be quite revealing”.

“Yikes!” exclaims Weaver once he finally catches on. “I will give this one to Charmy”.

“Gross!!!” screeches both Amy and Frenchy.

“Please just burn the shirt!” screams Frenchy.



I have been asked over and over again about INKtober. I actually did create sketch cards every single day, but I had no time to create posts. Heck, I was three weeks behind on posting my weekly comic strip. Do not worry, I am not slacking. The situation is the exact opposite.

For three months, I was drawing and inking with every free minute I found available. The biggest distraction was this amazing children’s book I was asked to Illustrate. My biggest goal this year was to get a gig working on someone else’s comic book or comic strip. I never thought in my oldest dreams I would land such a big project as an entire children’s book.

Tomorrow, I will be releasing the INKtober drawings to the public on this website. There are a total of 52 inked illustrations so some days will feature more than one drawing. Stay tuned and be prepared to share the blog. I will have a lot of Pikachu mashups as well as some classic favorites like Bugs and Daffy.

Speaking of goals coming through, I will be creating a new list of goals for 2022 in the next couple of weeks. One goal will be pretty easy. I want to begin posting blog posts twice a week beginning in 2022. I am tossing around various ideas for the second post. Once I commit to something, I always follow through. The key here is coming up with something that makes sense and will bring in traffic.



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Charmy's Army – The Comic Strip



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Cartoonist and Creator of the nationally distributed comic strip Charmy's Army. Davy is renowned in Artist's Alley for his amazing mash-ups using his characters portraying pop culture icons and figures.

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